Limited Run Clothes Come Back To Red Dead Online

Accessorizing on the Frontier is essential. You wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing something unfashionable and with all the hazards, wild animals, bandit, lawmen and griefing players nearby, death is always around the corner. Luckily, some limited-time clothing items are back in Red Dead Online this week - albeit briefly.

Several fan-favorite items from Wheeler, Rawson & Co's limited stock are available once more through the 13th of April. The full list includes the Gator Hat, Tied Pants, Squat Stovepipe Top Hat, Strickland Boots, Winter Shotgun Coat, Calhoun Boots, Benbow Jacket, Vaquero Baroque Spurs and Ortega Vest.

This week's Featured Showdown Series Playlist is a new variation on Name Your Weapon. This time around, the weaker the weapon you use to land a kill, the more points it will earn you. To this end, the game mode's loadouts have been tweaked to feature more high-powered and explosive arms. The maps featured are Fort Mercer, Tall Trees and Heartlands Oil Fields.

Bounty Hunters can make a killing this week - especially if they refrain from killing. All Bounty payouts, including those for Legendary Bounties, are boosted by 50%. Ranking up for Collectors should also be a breeze, with a double Role XP bonus on complete set sales, as well as Condor Egg and Salvage Collector Free Roam Events.

The Rank Bonuses promotion, with rewards for every 10 ranks climbed from 1 to 60 are still on-going, allowing players to earn bonuses like free weapons, special discounts and character appearance changes. These are a holdover from the previous round of bonuses, extended due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Both the Bounty Hunter License and the Collector's Bag are discounted by 5 Gold Bars this week, and the rest of the discounts are geared towards these Roles as well. Collector Maps are 80% off, Criollo and Breton Horses are 70% off, both Role's clothing items are half price, and the Bounty Wagon is on a 40% discount.

Aron Gerencser
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