Moonshiner Role Bonuses, Free RDO$ In Red Dead Online This Week

When everyone is stuck indoors, what better way to pass the time than to hop down to the bar for a pint with your friends? Not in person, of course, that would defeat the purpose of social distancing - but luckily the Moonshiners of Red Dead Online have you covered with their speakeasies and flavored brew.

Moonshiner Role Bonuses, Free Rdo$ In Red Dead Online This Week

Moonshiners can expect to rocket to the peak of their role progression this week, as all the way through the 30th of March, Story Missions, Bootlegging missions and sell missions will reward you with +50% Role XP. Attaining higher ranks as a Moonshiner will allow you to brew quicker, providing greater profits - for more tips on Moonshining, check out our guide.

Moonshiner Role Bonuses, Free Rdo$ In Red Dead Online This Week

There are some unique rewards for unique challenges on offer this week as well. Your character in Red Dead Online is more than just a bunch of polygons, it's your representation in the virtual frontier. Accessorizing begets immersion, but now there's more in it for you - outfit your character with clothing items in all 7 slots, and get a free Off-Hand Holster below Rank 70 of your choice.

Additionally, completing any Role Challenge will net you a bonus of RDO$ 100. If you don't know what to spend the extra coin on, consider Norfolk Roadster Horses or Band Expansions for your speakeasy, since both are 40% off. Moonshiner Shack locations have also been discounted by 10 Gold Bars.

Moonshiner Role Bonuses, Free Rdo$ In Red Dead Online This Week

Players looking for a bit of PvP spiced up with an element of luck should queue for Last Stand. As this week's featured series, a new variable has been added to the gameplay - randomized weapons. All players who spawn will find a random weapon nearby, giving them either a marked advantage or disadvantage.

The on-going Rank based rewards for hitting milestones have been extended, and now last all the way through to June 1. This extension was likely decided upon to make the quarantine more bearable, and the additional time spent in Red Dead Online more rewarding for players.

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