Major Role Bonuses In Red Dead Online This Week

If you have embarked on the journey of progressing through the content offered by Red Dead Online's various Roles, chances are you'll be able to take advantage of this week's bonuses in some shape or form - be it one of the ways to earn some extra cash on role abilities or by capitalizing on the many discounts on offer.

If you happen to be a Trader or Moonshiner in Red Dead Online, you're out of luck this week - the Collectors, Naturalists and Bounty Hunters get to hog the spotlight for the time being. That said, there is one bonus that all players are eligible for: a free care package consisting of 5 x Gun Oil, 3 x Wild Carrots, 2 x Potent Health Cures, 5 x Special Horse Revivers, and 3 x Chocolate Bars to make survival and success out in the frontier a little bit easier.

Naturalists who are quick on their feet and keep their eyes out can benefit from the triple RDO$ and Role XP bonus you can get for Black-Tailed Jackrabbit Samples turned in at Harriet. Meanwhile, Bounty Hunters can get a 50% extra on payouts for all bounties as well as an offer for 50% off on the Navy Revolver provided they've reached Rank 5.

You should also keep your Collector Bag handy, since there is a payout bonus for the Weekly Egg Hunt Collection. Turning in the Duck, Heron, and Goose Eggs to Madam Nazar will earn you a bonus 50% on top of the usual reward. Additionally, participating in the Condor Egg Free Roam Event will also earn a gratis Offer good for 40% off a Novice or Promising Collector Item of their choice.

This week's returning limited time clothing items consist of the Cardozo Vest, the Leavitt Jacket, the Hopeman vest, the Menasco Hat, the Owanjila Hat, the Lister Hat, the Manteca Hat, the Covington Hat and the Bowyer Boots. That's a lot of hats!

Meanwhile discounts include a 5 Gold Bar reduction for the Bounty Hunter License, Collector's Bag and 40% off Bounty Hunter Outfits, Collector Outfits, the Bounty Wagon, the Collector's Saddle Bag, Refined Binoculars and Collector Maps.

Aron Gerencser
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