Moonshiner And Naturalist Bonuses Appear In Red Dead Online

We wonder when we'll see some brand new weekly bonuses in Red Dead Online, as opposed to this cycle of Role bonuses. Following last week's Bounty Hunter bonuses, the Moonshiner and Naturalist get a stint in the limelight too. There are also discounts to enjoy!

Jan Bonuses

Moonshiners can expect to push out their profit margins this week with all Moonshiner Story Missions and Bootlegger missions paying out double RDO$ and Role XP. What's more, you can relocate your shack to a new, potentially more attractive venue at half price. Naturalists can expect these increased rewards from Role Free Roam Events, too.

Jan Bonuses

If you haven't saved up enough to unlock any of the roles yet, there are other ways to earn more than usual this week. All Showdown Modes and Races are paying out double and XP and Gold, so you can dive into some fast-paced PvP action where the price is right. These extras are live through the 25th of January. Check out our relevant guide to make the most of these bonuses!

If you've been taking a bit of a break from Red Dead Online, now is a great time to jump back in, as all players who so much as log in will receive 3,000 Club XP and 5 Potent Health Cures. Additional rewards await Outlaw Pass No, 4 holders - a free Shirt below rank 15, a free Hat below rank 15 and a free Vest in the form of rewards. If you cleared Rank 50 in the pass progression, you'll also get an offer for 50% off any Non-Role Pamphlet.

Jan Bonuses

As for discounts available to all players -  Multi Horses are 30% off, as are all pistols. Meanwhile, all gun belts, off-hand holsters and coats are 40% off. Remember, there are vairous freebies in store for you if you link your Amazon Prime Gaming account and your Social Club account, including a free Bounty Hunter License.

Aron Gerencser
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