Bonuses For Hunting & Crafting In Red Dead Online This Week

Few are more in tune with the great outdoors than the crafters and hunters, eking out a living in the harshest of environments in the frontier, far from cities like Saint Denis. This week, Red Dead Online honors these pioneers by making their lives a little easier.

Indulge your DIY urges at the campfire this week, and receive a one-time bonus of three collectibles to sell to Madam Nazar for crafting any item. Additionally, if you craft an item at Gus' Trapper Store, he'll give you a Reward that's good for a free Hat under Rank 15 and an Offer cutting the price of any Boots of your choice in half. Additionally, buying any pamphlet will grant you a gratis treasure map.

Gus is also tempting potential customers with a tantalizing 40% discount on all crafted clothing items in his store, which include some of the fanciest and most eye-catching outfits currently available in the game. Beyond being a fashion statement, these also help you telegraph your status as an experienced player, since crafting some of them requires felling Legendary Animals. You can also grab the various trinkets and variants of the Improved Bow he sells at 30% off.

All players logging in this week will also receive 5X Gun Oil and 50 Small Game Arrows for free, whether you're already a great outdoorsman or a homebody who needs a bit of motivation to explore the wilderness. On that note, you can buy regular Bows, the base Improved Bow and Tonic Crafting Pamphlets at 40% off, while Fishing Lures and Baits are half price.

If you want to get serious about crafting weaponry to help you survive the unforgiving frontier, you can grab useful Weapon Crafting Pamphlets at 30% off. To help you fill that empty belly without convenience stores nearby, the Fishing Rod shares that discount this week.

Aron Gerencser
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