Head For The Hills And Earn Double XP In Red Dead Online This Week

Make your PvP prowess known this week in Red Dead Online, and earn extra rewards while doing so with the Featured Hardcore Series. If frantic shootouts aren't your speed, you can increase your profit margins as a Trader with specific discounts.

Head For The Hills And Earn Double Xp In Red Dead Online This Week

The Featured Hardcore Series offers players a chance to play some no-frills player versus player action, taking out many of the extraneous gameplay mechanics present like consumables and ability cards. This places more focus on player skill, and this week you can put those skills to the test in the Head of the Hills mode, rewarding players with double XP.

Head For The Hills And Earn Double Xp In Red Dead Online This Week

Traders can carve out a bigger slice of the Frontier's bountiful resources this week, as simply logging into Red Dead Online will net you a Reward good for 25 free Trader Goods - it's up to you how you make use of them. Additionally, all Trader Sell Missions have payouts increased by 50%. If that isn't enough motivation, completing 2 Sell Missions before the 8th of February will earn you an Offer for 40% off an Established or Distinguished Trader Role Item of your choice, too.

If you want to move your camp to more lucrative areas, you can do so for free this week, and those players who haven't embarked on the path of the Trader yet can buy their own Butcher's Table at a 5 Gold Bar discount.

Head For The Hills And Earn Double Xp In Red Dead Online This Week

Wheeler, Rawson & Co. have brought back some highly sought after clothing items as limited time stock, available through the 8th before they disappear again. The selection includes the Morning Tailcoat, the Charro Jacket, the Benbow Jacket, the Concho Pants, the Ortega Vest, the Calhoun Boots, the Manteca Hat, the Cossack Hat and the Woodland Gloves.

Discounts this week include 40% off Camp Themes, Dogs, Flags, Hunting Wagons, Medium and Large Delivery Wagons and all the outfits you can buy from Cripps. Work Horses and all rifles are 30% off.

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