Most Wanted Hardcore Paying Double In Red Dead Online

It's time to forget all about those fancy Ability Cards and Consumables and return to the basics with this week's featured series in Red Dead Online. Jump into cutthroat PvP action or take advantage of some Role bonuses in the wild west, and don't forget to exploit some of the other bonuses and discounts available until next Tuesday.

This week's featured series in Red Dead Online is Most Wanted Hardcode. For newer players who may not know, Hardcore variants of PvP game modes ditch some of the more advanced mechanics like consumables and Ability Cards, focusing instead on more traditional skill based combat.

Most Wanted takes the free for all deathmatch mode and gives it a unique spin with awarding you not with one point per kill, but with as many points as the player you killed has. This means that the more points a player has, the more attractive a target they become. Jump into the featured playlist to earn 2x XP and RDO$.

If intense bloodshed isn't your speed, and you'd rather spend time out in the wilderness looking for treasure, you're in luck, because all non-Condor Egg collectibles are yielding double the usual Role XP reward. Additionally, all Collector Free Roam events are rewarding players with an extra 50% RDO$ bonus.

For a more specific goal, you can try completing the Deep Blue Collection - consisting of the Tully Monster Fossil, Cephalopod Fossil, and Rock Bass - and turning it in to Madam Nazar for an offer of 30% off on a Novice or Promising Collector Role Item.

If you are in the market for some specialized weapons, but haven't yet hit the Rank requirements of the goods sold by the Fence - meaning Throwing Knives, Cleavers, Dynamite, Fire Bottles, Hatchets, Machetes and Tomahawks - now is the time to buy, as this week all players of any rank may purchase said weapons as well as any Pamphlet with a Rank requirement below 50. Additionally, all fast travel fees have been waived.

This week's limited time items include the Macbay Jacket, the Winter Shotgun Coat, the Shaffer Chaps, the Boutell Hat, the Calhoun Boots, the Darned Stockings, the Furred Gloves, the Morales Vest and the Cossack Hat. Discounts include 5 Gold Bars off the Collector's Bag, 30% off Boots, Vests, Criollo Horses and Weapon & Ammo Pamphlets and 40% off the Pennington Field Shovel and Metal Detector.

Aron Gerencser
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