Earn Extra With Bounty Hunting In Red Dead Online This Week

Grab your lasso and put on your most intimidating hat - it's time for bounty hunting. Once again, weekly bonuses in Red Dead Online shine the spotlight on the game's most popular Role, the Bounty Hunter. Additionally, there are some free gifts up for grabs to commemorate the end of the Outlaw Pass No. 4.

All players who hold an Outlaw Pass will get some extra perks this week for sticking out to the end of the season. Everyone who logs into Red Dead Online and has an Outlaw Pass will get a free Treasure Map and 5,000 XP. Remember, reaching Rank 100 will unlock the otherwise unobtainable Morement Outfit, and you only have 7 days left!

Even if you are not an Outlaw Pass holder, simply playing the game will net your a Reward good for one free Ability Card of your choosing, to make survival and success in the harsh wild west a little less painful.

There are all kinds of ways Bounty Hunters can make a killing this week, as Rockstar words it - and we don't just mean bringing in wanted folk dead. Simply by having a Bounty Hunter license, you will be awarded with 2,000 Role XP upon logging into the game, with a 50% Role XP bonus on all Bounty Hunter activities. You should also make use of the 30% discount offer on any Established or Distinguished Bounty Hunter Item.

Additionally, if you embark on a Legendary Bounty or Infamous Bounty mission and brave the extra danger, you'll also get 2x Ability Card XP on top of the other bonuses. Completing either of these harder Bounty types will also earn you a one-time bonus of 25 Poison Throwing Knives and 100 rounds of Express Rifle Ammo.

To up your game as a big-shot Bounty Hunter, you'll need a wagon - lucky for you, there is a way to get one cheap this week. By completing the new Telegram Mission called Outriders once within the next seven days, you'll get an offer for 30% off the Bounty Hunter Wagon.

Happy hunting!

Aron Gerencser
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