Telegram Missions DLC Available In Red Dead Online Now

In a surprise release, Rockstar Games just dropped the Telegram Missions DLC on an unsuspecting Red Dead Online player base, offering new ways to earn while offering various challenges that call on different skills. Three "A New Source of Employment" missions are now available in-game.


A mysterious new contact is looking for adventurous hired guns and outlaws for a few capers around the frontier. Contacting prospective employees solely through telegram - not the app, of course - "J" has three jobs lined up, with more coming in the future. These Telegram Missions can be accepted at various post offices and come with three difficulty settings that ramp up with each replay. J is offering a fair reward, but you'll have to face these challenges alone.

Let's take a look at the three missions available so far.

A One Horse Deal


The Braithwaites keep horsing around, don't they? This time, they're getting ready to purchase a rowdy prized race horse from the Emerald Ranch. This is no everyday steed and fetches a high price on the black market. Your task is to intercept it before it reaches the Braithwaite manor and tame it at least enough to deliver it to your contact. The White Arabian is a known horse, so stealing it will paint a target on your back.

Be careful, because danger comes from two sources in this mission - the lawmen pursuing you to retake the stolen horse, and the steed itself. An untamed beast of a race horse won't take kindly to an unfamiliar rider, especially under fire.

Rich Pickings


Are you up for a one-man heist? The corrupt mayor of Saint Denis is hoarding jewelry and other valuables in a securely guarded manor, which he "appropriates" from smugglers caught red handed. It's up to you to find a way to infiltrate the manor, nick the goods and get out alive so you can redistribute some contraband.

Security will be tight, and stealth is the safest approach in this mission. Going in guns blazing is an option, but you might be swiftly overwhelmed.



After two missions where you're the one doing the stealing, it's time to flip the tables. Someone is transporting valuables - don't ask what - out of Brittlebrush Trawl but news spread around. J wants the cargo delivered, so you need to protect the wagon en route from bandits.

How you go about defending the delivery is up to you. You can ride separately or travel on the wagon itself, just make sure to eliminate the would-be robbers. If the wagon's driver dies, the mission won't automatically fail, but you will have to get the goods delivered yourself.

Gear up, check your mailbox and hop right into these new A New Source of Employment missions in Red Dead Online.

Aron Gerencser
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