Naturalist Bonuses & New Missions In Red Dead Online This Week

Rockstar Games dropped some new Red Dead Online content on us today without prior notice, and that's as pleasant a surprise as any. Alongside bonuses for playing the new missions - not like we need extra encouragement - Naturalists and Bounty Hunters can look forward to some extras of their own.

Feb Bonuses

All week, Naturalist Free Roam Events will trigger more frequently, so you can expect to get participation invitations more often through the 22nd of February. These events are also paying out double the usual rewards, so there's even more incentive to take part.

Feb Bonuses

Additionally, if you complete any Legendary Animal Sighting Mission for Harriet, there are some discount offers coming your way - everyone gets a 40% discount offer on Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Items, and if you're over Rank 10 you'll also get an offer for 40% off on a Repeater of your choice.

Bounty Hunters often feel like the favored child in the Role family, since they usually get the most frequent and lucrative bonuses. While Bounty Hunters can expect something extra kicked their way this week, it isn't particularly substantial - bringing in any bounty will earn you an offer for 40% off on a Poncho of your choice.

As we've already covered, there is A New Source of Employment on the frontier for gunslingers willing to take on a challenge. Three new Telegram Missions have been added to the game today, and playing the new content will earn you bonuses.

Feb Bonuses

If you complete any of the three new missions, you'll get a one-time introductory reward of 5,000 Club XP, RDO$100, and a Treasure Map. Additionally, just this week, each missions will have its own set of bonuses for all who complete them:

  • A One Horse Deal: Offer for 30% off an Arabian Horse and 2 Special Horse Revivers
  • Rich Pickings: 3 Lost Jewelry and 3 Family Heirloom Collectibles
  • Outrider: 20 Small Game Arrows and 100 Express Revolver Cartridges

Some limited time clothing items are making a brief return to Red Dead Online this week. Once again available are the Eberhart Coat, the Pelt Half Chaps, the Plaid Cap, the Prieto Poncho, the Raccoon Hat, the Squat Stovepipe Top Hat, the Gator Hat, the Carver Pants, the Strickland Boots, and the Patterned Bandana.

There are some handy discounts on offer as well. You can grab the Naturalist Sample Kit, which unlocks the Role, for 10 Gold Bars less than usual. The Wilderness Camp is 40% off, while the Advanced Camera, all Stable Stalls, all Mustangs, all Missouri Fox trotters and everything available in Gus' Store is 30% off.

Aron Gerencser
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