Red Dead Redemption Allegedly Being Remastered According To Leak

Sometimes leaks come from the least likely of sources, such as leaks about a different game. Recently, someone claiming to be a Rockstar Games employee hosted a pair of 4Chan AMAs with the purpose of revealing details about the upcoming unannounced title Grand Theft Auto 6, but also dropped news about a Red Dead Redemption remaster in the process.

John Marston

4Chan is a known hotbed of video game leaks, and while occasionally some do turn out to be legitimate, the majority of unverified information sourced on the site is a hoax. As such, this leak - just like everything else from those "ask me anything" threads - should be considered a rumor at best. Keep your pinches of salt handy.

Red Dead Redemption Allegedly Being Remastered According To Leak

This tidbit came up when fans inevitably asked the leaker about the projected release date of GTA 6. The leaker revealed that Rockstar Games is currently focusing on a remaster of 2010's Red Dead Redemption, the open-world title that follows the adventures of John Marston. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel to this title, and the story takes place before it. Red Dead Remastered is planned to launch before GTA 6.

Fans have been clamoring for a remaster of Red Dead Redemption pretty much ever since Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced, with many wishing for it even before. Similarly, fans have been hoping for a PC port of the game since it released over a decade ago. Considering how RDR2 got the PC treatment, the release of a new remaster of its predecessor carries with it a good chance that it would make its way to PC too.

Interestingly, the leaker often referred to Red Dead Redemption 2 as having a great deal of influence over the next game in the GTA series. If this information isn't false, gameplay mechanics, NPC behavior, unarmed combat and even the tone of the story will be heavily informed by the lessons the developers learned when crafting the hit wild west blockbuster.

Red Dead Redemption Allegedly Being Remastered According To Leak

You can read more about the leaked information here, and make your own conclusions regarding its veracity. We're highly skeptical, but would definitely love to see a Red Dead Redemption remaster. Considering how remaster-happy the AAA industry is right now, there may be a remaster like this in the works regardless of whether this particular leak is legitimate or not. It definitely seems like a good business opportunity for Rockstar, and their parent company Take-Two isn't known for leaving money on the table.

Keep an eye out for more leaks and news about this alleged Red Dead Redemption remaster!

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