Tumbleweed Series Bonuses In Red Dead Online This Week

Grab your trustiest gun, sort your ability cards and stock up on consumables - some feisty PvP modes are dealing out major rewards in Red Dead Online this week, and you wouldn't want to be left in the mud. Some limited-time clothing items also make a return, while other discounts help you with life on the harsh frontier.

Feb Bonuses

The Tumbleweed Series invites the best gunslingers and bravest newcomers across the west to the titular town for an action packed playlist of Shootouts, Hostile Territory, and other game modes. Even if you aren't big on PvP, now is a good time to take part in the scuffle - all matches will pay out not double, but triple the usual Gold, RDO$ and XP!

Feb Bonuses

That said, if you'd still rather stick to solo content, there are multiple Role bonuses to exploit this week. Grab your lasso and make the most of the extra 50% payout on top of the usual reward for Free Roam Bounty Missions, while Collectors can earn a bonus American Wildflower Map and three Chocolate Daisies for completing the Lovers Collection this week.

Naturalists, on the other hand, will receive a reward worth one free Coat of your choice if you complete a Vitalism Study and trip out on some Harrietum Officinalis as a rabbit or buck. Additionally, all fast travel fees have been waived this week, making the vast distances of the frontier a little less daunting.

Feb Bonuses

Also, you can get a care package of five Chocolate Bars, five Fine Brandies, and a Gold Jointed Bracelet entirely for free simply by logging into Red Dead Online at any point this week.

Some limited-time items have made a temporary return, including the Tasman Outfit, the Irwin Coat, the Hitched Skirt, the Tied Pants, the Clymene Coat and more. You can grab tonics from Harriet at a 30% discount, while barber services in larger settlements are half-price. Shotguns and Improved Bows are 40% off, while Prestigious Bounty Hunter Weapon Variants have been discounted by 25%

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