Naturalist Role DLC And More Coming To Red Dead Online Next Week

Have you noticed all the clowns in Red Dead Online lately? Rockstar sure has, and is giving the community the response we have been waiting for!

Naturalist Role Dlc And More Coming To Red Dead Online Next Week

New, substantial DLC is hitting the game next week, with more to come after that. Time to wash off the clown makeup - the content drought is over.

Announced over on the Rockstar Newswire, they've revealed that both Red Dead Online and their other major title, Grand Theft Auto Online are getting some serious content treatment both in the immediate future, and later this year. Thankfully, they were more open about plans for the content coming to the wild west.

Naturalist Role Dlc And More Coming To Red Dead Online Next Week
Here, kitty kitty

Next Tuesday, on the 28th of July, an entirely new Role is coming to the game, joining the current lineup of Bounty Hunter, Collector, Trader and Moonshiner.

Though the exact name hasn't been confirmed, the announcement implies it will be called Naturalist, or something to that effect.

Based on the two images shown off, it seems like the new role is being taken in a direction similar to that of a regular hunter, but on steroids. Hunting is a general, non-role activity in the game, but by becoming a Naturalist you'll be taking things a lot further.

It's possible that the Naturalist will be an extension of one of the three original Roles, like how Moonshiner is a branch from the Trader. Thankfully, we needn't wait long to learn the details.

Naturalist Role Dlc And More Coming To Red Dead Online Next Week

Rockstar also revealed that more, significant updates are on the horizon, and the rest of 2020 won't be as empty and stagnant from a content standpoint. One of the existing roles it getting a serious upgrade with all sorts of new content and mechanics beyond tweaks to what we already have, and other unrevealed DLCs are coming soon as well.

Stay tuned for more information about the Naturalist as we rapidly approach release!

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