Special Bounty Hunter Rewards In Red Dead Online This Week

It feels like Bounty Hunters get special weekly events focusing on them quite often, and this week is no exception. Grab your lasso and bolas and get hunting in the name of fame and fortune, or to make the frontier a safer place. There are numerous items on discount as well to sweeten the deal.

Jul Bonuses

Rewards for certain Bounty Hunting activities have been boosted, making it more worth your while to accept contracts. Legendary Bounties will now pay out 50% more RDO$ and Role XP all week. Additionally, there are extra rewards in store for new as well as up and coming Bounty Hunters.

Jul Bonuses

Anyone who buys a license this week, beginning their journey down the path of a Bounty Hunter will receive an RDO$ 200 gift. Them, and anyone who is already a Bounty Hunter can get a bonus of RDO$ 100 for ranking up at least once during the week.

If you are a grizzled veteran who has completed the entire progression of the Bounty Hunter Role, there's something in store for you too. Max Rank Bounty Hunters will receive a gift of 10 stick of Volatile Dynamite and a Treasure Map leading to greater riches.

April Bonuses

Since many players are likely to embark on their new lives as Bounty Hunters this week, several items that are essential for the profession are discounted. Grab Single Bandoliers, Double Bandoliers, Sniper Rifles and Machetes at a 40% discount.

If you want to accessorize instead of spending on equipment, several clothing items are discounted too. The price of all skirts, chaps and half-chaps have been slashed by 40%, as well as a selection of winter coats - these include the Leather Duster, Hagen Coat, Durham Coat, Bison Duster Coat, Torranca Coat, Finley Jacket, Tempest Coat, Dunaway Coat, Cinched Jacket, Sheep's Wool Jacket, Ballard Jacket and Riggs Fringe Coat. You can stay warm and stylish at the same time!

Aron Gerencser
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