Track Down Philip Carlier In Red Dead Online This Week

This week in Red Dead Online, players can unlock some appropriate attire for the upcoming holiday, track down an embezzler whose mind was addled by chemicals and also quest for a new list of unique collectibles for Madam Nazar. A number of activities also offer increased rewards, so pick your pastimes well.

Oct Bonuses

Bounty Hunters can track down former Lemoyne Trading Company employee and current crazed chemist Philip Carlier as part of this week's Legendary Bounty. Unlike most previous Legendary Bounties, who have had some kind of backup in the form of bandits or wild animals, Philip is holed up all alone somewhere on the fringes of the swamp of Lagras. Don't underestimate him, however - he is equipped with all sorts of dangerous chemicals that can harm you.

Oct Bonuses

To help players get into the mood for Halloween, Rockstar has loaded Red Dead Online up to the brim with various freaky masks. You can purchase a number of masks with different variations from Madam Nazar, including the Freak Mask and the Swine Mask. However, there are ways to grab a few for free as well.

If you have already taken steps on the path of a specialized role, you can expect to get a free mask. Bounty Hunters will receive an exclusive Creature Mask variant, Traders an exclusive Swine Mask variant and Collectors an exclusive Masquerade Mask variant. If you already bought licenses for all three roles, you'll get all the masks!

All this mask collecting might have you think this is a Bionicle game, not Red Dead Online, but bear with us - Outlaw Pass holders can also grab some free masks. If you have hit Club Rank 10, you'll get a different variant of the Freak Mask and if you've climbed another ten rungs of the ladder to Rank 20, you'll also get an exclusive variant of the Horror Mask.

Oct Bonuses

We've already known about the slasher styled Slaughter Mask that can be unlocked by logging into GTA Online with the same account you use for Red Dead Online anytime before the 12th of December.

Masks aren't the only thing you should visit Madam Nazar for this week. Collectors can dig up the Cheaters Suit, consisting of the Queen of Wands, King of Cups and Ace of Pentacles for a large reward. Additionally, a total of 19 activities in Red Dead Online are offering a 30% XP boost and a bonus of 2000 Club XP. These activities include all Role activities, all A Land of Opportunities missions, all Shootouts, all Free Roam Missions, all Takeovers, all Races and all Eliminations.

It would be difficult to find something that doesn't net you these bonuses!

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