Racing Rewards Run Rampant In Red Dead Online

It seems like a bit of an odd choice to run racing bonuses in Red Dead Online this week when the game is getting some racing DLC next week, but hey, who are we to argue? Aside of regular bonuses, you can expect extra rewards for a stellar performance, and there are racing related discounts on offer too.

May Bonuses

With eight new races coming to Red Dead Online next week, now is the best time to practice - not just to brush up on your riding skills, but because all races in the game are paying out 3x the usual RDO$ and XP rewards. Additionally, if you manage to finish in the top three, you'll get an Offer for 40% off any Saddle to help you stay at the top of your game.

May Bonuses

Racing is fun, but just like anything else, it's even more fun with friends - or against friends. If your rag-tag band of outlaws fancies a bit of friendly competitiveness and need a boost to rank up faster, play a few Posse Races, as these competitions are also rewarding participants with a triple XP reward - that's on top of the XP boosts you get for being in a posse by default.

Since players will be pushing their steeds to the limit, make sure to remember that your mount has needs too. Stables are handing out free Horse Care Packages this week, alongside a 30% discount on all Race Horse breeds. You can also grab Stirrups and Saddle Bags at 40% off.

May Bonuses

Not all discounts are horse-adjacent, however. The Evans Repeater is half-price, while both the Bow and all Outfits are on a 40% discount this week. Additionally, returning limited time items this week include the Eberhart Coat, the Fanned Stovepipe Hat, the Macbay Jacket, the Chambliss Corset and the Danube Outfit, so grab them before they disappear again!

Aron Gerencser
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