Red Dead Online Gets Biggest Update Since Launch

Red Dead Online just received its biggest content drop since the game was launched late last year.

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While not the first content update, today's patch adds the largest amount of new items and features since release. New customization items, new weapons and a large selection of new gameplay opportunities await in the Wild West.

The majority of the additions appear in terms of gameplay. Players can now earn additional XP and gold nuggets by completing daily challenges. Each day, you'll get a rotating list of 7 challenges spanning various aspects of the game, each of which offer their own rewards. Completing all 7 will net you a bonus, which can be increased by completing streaks. The more challenges you complete without missing out a day, the bigger the bonus becomes.

Red Dead Online Gets Biggest Update Since Launch

The Fool's Gold and Target Races modes detailed last week have been made available as well. Fight for possession of the golden armor in the former, and race while practicing your aim for victory in the latter. The more peaceful fishing challenges, which task you with catching the highest weight in fish, are also accessible now.

Though teased last week, Rockstar has announced that the three Showdown modes planned will only be coming at a later date. Details about Spoils of War, Up In Smoke and Plunder are scarce, but we'll be hearing more about them soon as we get closer to their release.

Of the two weapons teased, we only get our hands on one today. The Rare Shotgun is an upgraded version of the Double Barreled Shotgun and is available from the catalogue or gunsmiths now. The mid-to-long range Evans Repeater will be added to these inventories sometime soon.

A large selection of new clothing items and emotes have been added to the game as well, giving you knew ways to customize your character and interact with the world around you. Additional, limited clothes will pop up in the in-game store occasionally, but they'll only be up for purchase temporarily. PlayStation 4 players also gained access to additional emotes and the Jawbone Knife, which will be unlocked on Xbox One in 30 days.

Red Dead Online Gets Biggest Update Since Launch

Some of the features and enhancements Rockstar has spoken about earlier have gone into effect. The reworked Parley and Feud system seeks to offer new ways to resolve in-game conflicts with other players, while the proximity-based blip system offers a new way to combat griefing. The Law and Bounty system also received an extensive overhaul.

Rockstar wants to show its gratitude to the fans who have been submitting Beta feedback all this time. This week, players can receive a care package at the camp or post office consisting of a number of supplies, ammo and consumables. Make sure to claim yours before the 5th of March.

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