Upcoming Red Dead Online DLC Game Modes Revealed

Red Dead Online is getting another beta update next Tuesday and it's packing a lot of content. With new game modes, weapons, customization items and emotes, this is the largest single content drop since Online launched last year. Rockstar has been teasing this for a while now, but finally we have some concrete details on what to expect.

Upcoming Red Dead Online Dlc Game Modes Revealed

The February 26 update will include 5 new modes. One for free roam, three for the Showdown Series and one for the Racing Series. The new free-roam mode is called Fool's Gold, which puts an interesting twist on the deathmatch formula. One player always wears a flashy and utterly impractical suit of golden armor, which increases their health.

Upcoming Red Dead Online Dlc Game Modes Revealed

By killing the armor bearer, it is possible to equip it. You gain points by making kills while wearing the armor. While you have it, your goal is to kill as many opponents as possible and survive as long as possible in order to retain the armor. If you're not wearing it, your goal is to kill the armor bearer and be the one to grab the armor.

The three new Showdown Series modes are Up In Smoke, Spoils Of War and Plunder. Rockstar hasn't revealed details about these particular modes yet, but did give hints - they involve CTF-like mechanics, looting other players and survival elements. We know more about the upcoming Racing Series mode however - Target Races will have you shooting targets from horseback while trying to be first across the finish line.

Upcoming Red Dead Online Dlc Game Modes Revealed

A new Competitive Challenge will also be added. Fishing Challenges will grant you rewards if you end up catching the greatest gross weight of fish among all participating players. By opting into the challenge you'll immediately receive all necessary equipment, and will be invincible for the time being, to prevent griefers from ruining your catch.

Gunsmiths and the catalogue will be updated with a pair of new weapons. The Evans Repeater and the Rare Shotgun will be available on the 26th of February however we don't yet know what stats these two guns pack. Joining these will be a large selection of new clothing items to further personalize your character with. Some items aren't permanent additions, so keep an eye out on these limited clothes. New emotes will also give you new ways to interact with other players you meet.

Upcoming Red Dead Online Dlc Game Modes Revealed

Rockstar has also announced the next wave of content that is will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for a limited time. Xbox One players will have to wait to access the Jawbone Knife, which is a new melee weapon, Open Target Races, a variant of the Target Races mode that will be available to everyone, and 3 new emotes.

Keep in mind that the XP bonus is still live, and check back next week to get the full scoop on the upcoming update.

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