Red Dead Online Progress Won't Be Reset During The Beta

Red Dead Online launched last week on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but work on Red Dead Redemption 2's online multiplayer mode is hardly done.

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With Red Dead Online still being in beta, Rockstar Games is planning to imminently roll-out several updates that will make the game stable and gameplay balanced.

Yesterday, we reported that a new Red Dead Online update may be released before the end of the week, addressing some persistent bugs and rebalancing the economy.

The state of the economy is probably the biggest issue currently found in the game, with items costing too much and players making far too little money. With an economy rebalancing, some players expected to see their initial progression reset, but it seems like this won't be happening, at least for now.

Red Dead Online Progress Won't Be Reset During The Beta

On its Official Website, Rockstar Games has reassured players who are worried about a possible progression and stats reset, saying that they have no plans to carry that out as part of the Beta's rollout.

This is definitely reassuring, as now players don't have to worry about grinding for XP and money only to see see all their hard work vanish overnight.

Unlocking content in Red Dead Online is definitely a grind, as of now. The online multiplayer mode allows players to obtain the same weapons seen in the Story Mode, as well as horses, pamphlets for crafting and clothing items, but these have to be unlocked by first reaching a specific Rank.

Unlocking alone is not enough to obtain them however, as the items also have to be purchased from stores and stables at exorbitant prices, forcing players to grind for XP and money. There are some decent methods to amass these quickly, but they still take time and effort.

Rockstar Games plans to make the first major Red Dead Online update live before the end of this week. We will let you know all the details of the update as soon as possible, so stay tuned for further news shortly.

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