Red Dead Online Economy Will Be Rebalanced This Week, Rockstar Confirms

Red Dead Online has been available for around one week. While most of Red Dead Redemption 2's online component works well, there is one thing that is being universally criticized: the in-game economy.

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As Red Dead Online is still in beta, Rockstar Games is looking for feedback to improve the online game. It seems like they are serious in wanting to create something all fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 will play and enjoy.

In a recent Red Dead Online development update, Rockstar Games thanked all players who have participated in the beta thus far and sent feedback, and confirmed that they are currently focusing on rebalancing the in-game economy to ensure that all activities are as rewarding as they should be.

This likely means that money and gold nuggets rewards will be increased in the near future. Rockstar Games also confirmed that they are working on fixing some persistent bugs that are causing some players to be kicked from sessions.

Red Dead Online Economy Will Be Rebalanced This Week, Rockstar Confirms

As Red Dead Online has been developed so that adjustments can be done quickly, Rockstar confirmed that they aim to have the economy rebalancing and bug fixes live by the end of this week. More details on what's to come for the game will also be announced in the next few days.

The Red Dead Online in-game economy is in serious need of a rebalancing, as we reported several days ago. Nearly all of the game's items are priced much too high, while the money received for selling items is incredibly low. Making matters worse (or more likely better) is the fact that regular money cannot currently be purchased for real money, as the game's microtransactions will only allow players to get Gold Bars once they go live.

Red Dead Online Economy Will Be Rebalanced This Week, Rockstar Confirms

The situation is currently not any brighter with Gold Bars, which are Red Dead Online's premium currency.

Players have estimated that it takes around 8 hours to get a single Gold Bar, an extremely time-consuming process that may force many to purchase them with real money. As there are no details on how the economy will be rebalanced this week, it will be interesting to see the extent of any changes with regards to Gold Bars.

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