Upcoming Red Dead Online Update Bringing 3 New Roles

Rockstar has dropped a bit of info about an upcoming major Red Dead Online update.

Upcoming Red Dead Online Update Bringing 3 New Roles

A major change is coming, planting the seeds of deeper roleplaying opportunities, with three specialized "Roles" that will be introduced. Now, we know more about how these roles will work.

The three Roles being added later this summer will bring new interaction and gameplay options to the game, while giving players a greater measure of choice and control over their character's personality. The new update is also indicative of Red Dead Online's long term future, with more updates further expanding the roleplay aspect.

Bounty Hunter

Upcoming Red Dead Online Update Bringing 3 New Roles

The Bounty Hunter role is clearly the one most geared towards PvP of the three. Bounty Hunters can skirt either side of the law, collecting rewards on targets - dead or alive. As a hunter, you'll be given targets who did enough mischief to have a price put on their head (including unruly players) who can then be tracked and incapacitated. As you progress through the Bounty Hunter's own mission set and skills, you'll unlock unique perks such as stronger lassoes and unique gear.


Upcoming Red Dead Online Update Bringing 3 New Roles

If you enjoy living off the land, gathering materials and crafting items, the Trader role may be best suited for you. Trader progression will be centered around your camp and the surrounding wilderness, as the focus is on gathering crafting materials and creating goods to sell and trade. Perks include unique camp upgrades like a Weapons Locker, the ability to keep guard dogs, and the addition of unique items like satchel upgrades not available to other roles. You'll also receive hunting wagons to reduce the number of times you need to take your game back to camp.


Upcoming Red Dead Online Update Bringing 3 New Roles

If you get your kicks from happening upon strange items in the wild, and find yourself spending most of your time in Red Dead Online with exploration, the Collector is the role for you. A true treasure hunter and adventurer, the Collector seeks out hidden wonders and lost relics in the most remote areas of the game map - in order to flip these valuable treasures for a profit. Perks for this role include a wide variety of skills aimed at making finding lost treasures easier, including a metal detector of all things.

Conveniently enough, you won't need to choose between these - it is possible to take on multiple roles simultaneously, so you can even progress with all three at the same time if you wish. If you prefer a more immersive roleplaying experience however, there is nothing stopping you from sticking to just one.

The upcoming update will bring a whole lot more to the table too.

Rockstar is tight-lipped about specific details so far, but movement and combat overhauls are part of the package, and more lootable objects will be added. Most excitingly, the option to re-customize your character is also coming, making that single character slot sting a little bit less.

We'll keep you up to date with any new info about this upcoming summer DLC.

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