Collect Tarot Cards For A Bonus In Red Dead Online This Week

Calling - or telegraphing, rather - all Collectors: there's a special bonus waiting for you this week in Red Dead Online. Meanwhile, Rockstar continues to make playing together with friends easier, and some limited issue clothing items are back in stock.

May Bonuses

All players who log into Red Dead Online this week will get a free Tarot Card Map - and if you've unlocked the Collector Role you'll be able to use it, too! If you succeed in tracking down a full set of Tarot Cards, you'll get an extra 50% bonus reward when you sell them to Madam Nazar. Keep in mind that this only applies to complete sets.


This bonus doesn't just apply to the first set you sell, but to all full Tarot Card sets all week long, giving you a chance to make a killing as a Collector. For more information on how to make the most of this bonus, check out our Collector Role Guide here.

In case you've forgotten, this is your weekly reminder that the fees for Permanent Posse creation are still waived, and will remain so until the 8th of June, so make sure to gather your gang of outlaws before then!

May Bonuses

A new selection of clothing items has rotated into the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue's temporary section. You have until the 8th of June to pick up the Dillehay Hat, the Lister Hat, the Morales Vest, the Morning Tail Coat, the Leavitt Jacket or some Patterned Bandanas.

Keep in mind that Rockstar is donating some of the revenue gained from in-game purchases to COVID-19 relief efforts through May, so these are the last few days to contribute by purchasing Gold. If you want to grab some premium items in Red Dead Online, stock up on Gold before the 31st.

You can also unlock a free Polished Copper Moonshiner Still if you link a Twitch Prime subscription to your account, alongside a Collector Bag and 5 Moonshiner Role Ranks.

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