Track Legendary Bucks In Red Dead Online This Week

Budding Naturalists can delve into a new set of Animal Sighting missions in Red Dead Online this week. Pick up the scent and track down two Legendary Bucks, earn special rewards and make the most of some sweet offers and new emotes. There is also some new, non-Naturalist content for hardcore PvPers to sink their teeth into.

This week's rotation of legendary animals are a pair of Bucks. The aggressive Legendary Mud Runner Buck is found around Flat Iron Lake in the southern side of the Heartlands, while the pristine white Legendary Snow Buck is hanging around the Aurora Basin. Both animals are active during daytime, and prefer dry weather.

Returning samples from the legendary bucks to Harriet will yield +50% XP , +50% role XP, RDO$ and a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you allowed a majestic animal to live. If you hunt down the bucks and take back the carcasses to Gus, however, you can get +50% RDO$ rewards as well as the Mud Runner and Snow coats.

A whole new Free Roam Event has been added to the game this week. Grab your camera and take part in the Wildlife Photographer Free Roam Event in a bid to outperform other players. The more animals you manage to capture on film, the closer your proximity and the better your composition, the more points you earn. Even if your overall points don't net you first place, there is a special award for the best individual photo.

If the Naturalist Role's activities just aren't high octane enough for you, and you'd rather stick to merciless PvP, Rockstar has you covered. The all new Hardcore Series takes the Showdown Series and removes Consumables and Ability Cards. Stripped of these fancy mechanics, it comes down to raw gunslinging skill. There will be weekly rotations of featured hardcore playlists, this week included - with Overrun, Spoils of War, Hostile Territory and Most Wanted being on the menu right now.

Seven new emotes have made their way into the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue this week, letting avid roleplayers achieve virtual self-expression to an even greater degree. Additionally, all of Harriett's tonics are 40% off, while Gus is giving hunters are 30% discount on Trinkets and Crafted Coats.

Aron Gerencser
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