Track The Legendary Banded Gator In Red Dead Online This Week

This week Red Dead Online gets the single coolest piece of in-game clothing yet, but at a terrible price. It's been a while since the Naturalist role has been added to the game, so players likely have a hang of how Legendary Animals work. Alongside another elusive beast, there are other bonuses and discounts to exploit.

Folk have spotted the Legendary Banded Gator in the waters near Saint Denis. Accept this week's Animal Sighting mission, available if you are at least a Rank 5 Naturalist, to track down the dangerous creature. You can take samples to take back to Harriett for RDO$ and Role XP bonuses, or take the carcass back to Gus to craft a special coat.

By now the Naturalist DLC has been out long enough for players to choose their allegiances, so to speak, but we feel like this week's Legendary Animal will see even the most stubborn conservationist take a quick, guilt-ridden trip to Gus because Rockstar debuted the flashiest coat the game has ever seen.

If you do visit the trophy hunter, there's more on offer than just the Custom Banded Gator Coat. Crafting anything in Gus' store will earn you a bonus of 25 free Trader Goods, crafting any coat will earn you a free Vest and crafting any trinket will earn you a free Poncho.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue has been updated this week once again, bringing two permanent items - the Hopsmere Cardigan and the Mitehill Pants - as well as two limited-time items - the Fernwater Coat and the Hopeman Vest. Additionally, the Millard Boots, Comstock Boots and Heathland Chaps have new colorways available.

Alongside the generous offers in Gus' store, this week the Animal Field Guide, Legendary Animal Map and Sample Kit are all cheaper by 5 Gold Bars, making it easier to step onto the path of the Naturalist for those of you who haven't already. Additionally, you can purchase all Novice and Promising Naturalist Role Items, as well as the Improved Bow, at 30% off.

Aron Gerencser
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