Take Down A Train Robber In Red Dead Online This Week

Another week has rolled around which means Red Dead Online players can jump into a new Legendary Bounty, take advantage of some new bonuses and gear up thanks to fresh discounts. Since Rockstar has fixed most of the issues with the PC version, many more players can enjoy these bonuses!

Nov Bounty

This week's Legendary Bounty has us hunting down a character who may as well be another Red Dead Protagonist. Red Ben Clempson even has "red" in his name and is a real Wild West bandit. Train robberies, thievery, murder - he's done just about everything we did in the boots of Arthur Morgan.

As the leader of the Red Ben Gang, bringing him in won't be a cakewalk. Finding him isn't the hard part - he is a fashionable outlaw, and beyond stylish clothes, he also has a love of the color red. His gang is planning its next caper in New Austin - stop him and bring him in dead or alive for a reward.

Nov Bonuses

Collectors also have a new weekly special collection to track down. The Herbalist's Collection consists of the Blood Flower, the Chocolate Daisy and the Creek Plum. If you collect all three, sell them to Madam Nazar for a large reward. You can also jump into a new Featured Free-Aim Series, this time focusing on Sport of Kings.

Several new clothing items have showed up in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue waiting for you to accessorise with. These include the limited issue Cardozo Vest, the Dunaway Coat, the Purkiss Hat, the Pearrow Hat, the Union Cap, the Farley Shirt and the Tillson Sweater. Several old items also get new color options.

Nov Clothes

Collectors can earn some extra cash this week, with a +25% RDO$ bonus on all collection sales. Additionally, the Pennington Field Shovel is 25% off, while collector maps are all half price. Keep in mind that the Outlaw Pass eligibility period will end on the 18th of November, so get busy unlocking your bonuses!

Aron Gerencser
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