Red Dead Redemption 2's First PC Patch Fixes Almost Everything

Red Dead Redemption 2 didn't have the smoothest of launches on PC just two days ago, but now Rockstar Games has rolled out an emergency patch that reportedly solves almost all of the issues that were hindering players' enjoyment of the game.

Pc Trailer

The highly anticipated PC port went live on the 5th of November, but many players struggled to actually get into the game due to a myriad of problems.

Infinite loading screens, frequent crashes and unexplained errors hampered attempts to step into the boots of Arthur Morgan or newly created Red Dead Online characters, with the "Red Dead Redemption 2 has exited unexpectedly" error gaining fearsome notoriety.


Fans have reported their woes on our forums as we've covered, with various possible client-side fixes circulating. However, no amount of tweaking at home could solve the underlying issues. Rockstar very quickly acknowledged the errors and indicated that a patch is being worked on. Today that patch, in all of its 2.70 GB glory, was released to surprising success.

One of the biggest issues with the game was its apparent incompatibility with anti-virus software. The most commonly cited solution for crashes, or an error where the Rockstar Games Launcher requested activation of an already activated game, was switching off your anti-virus. However this obviously exposes your machine to all the unmitigated malware out there.

Pc Release

The problem has been solved with today's patch and it is now possible to play Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC with active anti-virus. The notorious "exited unexpectedly" error is also gone for the most part, and players are no longer experiencing endless loading screens preventing them from even entering the game.

The Rockstar Games Launcher itself got an update as well, separately from Red Dead Redemption 2, further ironing out stability issues and crash errors. As of now, the game should run smoothly on PC, allowing everyone to finally experience Red Dead Redemption 2 at its best.

Aron Gerencser
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