Catch Etta Doyle In Red Dead Online This Week

Red Dead Redemption 2's release on PC can't stop the weekly scheduled bonuses! There's a new Legendary Bounty available in Red Dead Online with a twist, as well as a number of bonuses - all of which are available on PC for the first time!

Etta Doyle is this week's target for Bounty Hunters, but there is a new restriction in place for this particular Legendary Bounty - she's only wanted Alive. If you end up killing Doyle, you won't get any reward at all. A former madame who turned to crime, becoming a murderer and thief. She began stealing from Leviticus Cornwall (is she really the villain here?) leading the businessman to hire bounty hunters - you.

An ambush has been set at a fake heist target where you need to intercept Etta Doyle and capture her alive. She has a telltale scar on her right cheek which she tends to cover with a face mask, since it's an identifying trait. She also usually wears men's clothing. Bounty Hunters can replay this mission several times at increasing difficulty.

Rockstar is taking this chance to give back to the players and to welcome all the new players joining us on PC with some freebies. Everyone who logs into Red Dead Online through the 11th of November will receive RDO$ 100 and a free Treasure Map across all three platforms. You'll receive these gifts within 24 hours of your first log-in inside the deadline.

Collectors can earn a pretty penny this week by finding all the pieces of the Fortune Teller's Collection, which consists of the Ace of Cups, the Ace of Wands and Absinthe. Once you have all three, visit Madam Nazar or send them to her via the Post Office.

Some new emotes are also available from the in-game store. These include the Gentle Wave, the Applause, the Thumbs Down and the Hush Your Mouth. The Gentle Wave can be yours for free, as long as you are a Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Member and reach Club Rank 50 this week.

Aron Gerencser
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