Triple Rewards Showdown Modes Hit Red Dead Online This Week

Get ready to blow off some steam with action-packed PvP this week in Red Dead Online.

Jun Bonuses

There are Showdown Mode bonuses, and you can also reap bigger profits with special promotions for Moonshiners and Traders. Other discounts further sweeten the deal, so make sure to saddle up.

All Showdown Modes are rewarding skilled gunslingers with triple rewards. Earn 3x RDO$, Gold and XP in all of the game's many PvP modes, whether you team up with a group to battle your rivals together, or engage in a chaotic free for all, a trusty gun will earn you riches and fame either way. The Gun Rush Featured Series is included in this promo. Check out our Showdown Series guide for tips and tricks on how to win your next duel.

Jun Bonuses

Additionally, Traders and Moonshiners can increase those pesky profit margins with gratis Trader Resupplies and Moonshiner Mash Refills all week. To make the most of the bonuses and keep that product moving, check out our Trader and Moonshiner Role Guides! In case you haven't committed to either Role yet, grab the Butcher Table at a 5 Gold Bar discount this week.

Collectors won't miss out on the fun either. Grab your metal detector and trusty shovel, because finding the 1792 Quarter, Old Tom Gin and Aubrey Onyx Ring will get you a special reward this week upon returning all three to Madam Nazar, wherever she may be.


With a strong focus on PvP and combat, weapons and ammo are on deep discount this week. All guns are 40% off, as are pamphlets, while you can restock your ammunition for 60% off. Melee and Thrown weapons are all half price if you prefer blades over bullets. You don't need to worry about maintenance, since Gun Oil is free!

Remember to link up your Social Club account with your Twitch account if you have a Prime subscription for some valuable freebies.

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