This Week In Red Dead Online Is All About Horses

Your trusty four-legged steed is undoubtedly your closest, and sometimes only, companion in the rough frontier world of Red Dead Online. Helping you traverse vast distances, running through bullets and chasing after stagecoaches isn't easy work, so Rockstar decided it's horse appreciation week.

July Bonuses

Before we learn more about caring for our equine friends, Red Dead Online has also been expanded with new clothing options this week. You can don the wide-brimmed and stylish Descoteaux Hat, protect your legs with the sturdy Alvarado Chaps or adorn your footwear with the high-end Gerden Morrow Spurs. These three are permanent additions to the catalog, while the Cossack Hat returns for a second week of limited availability.

July Bonuses

Moving on to horses, while caring for our companion is essential, we also need to make sure we have the right mount. To help players make their best match, all horses below rank 40 are 20% off all week, including fine breeds like the Flaxen Roan Tennessee Walker.

Different horses are ideal for different tasks, so you may entertain the notion of owning multiple ones if you have the gold to spare. The horses will need to live somewhere when they're not your active mount, which is where Stables come in. Stable Spaces are 20% off this week, to ease the costs of storing your new horses.

Your horses need some attention and love every now and then too, which is where the Horse Care Package comes in. Care Packages in previous weeks often had an unlocking requirement, tied to ranks for the most part, but this time every player gets a care package automatically, no strings attached.

July Bonuses

The horse care package includes horse reviver for worst-case scenarios, 2 horse medicine for not-as-bad case scenarios, 2 horse stimulants and a selection of horse treats including 5 oatcakes, 5 hay and 5 carrots, so you can reward your mount with their favorite snack.

This is also the last week before the deadline for the first batch of Twitch Prime bonuses rolls around. Link your accounts if you haven't already!

Aron Gerencser
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