Get Red Dead Online Bonuses With Twitch Prime

Though a number of successful alternatives have cropped up over the years, Twitch remains the #1 platform for game streaming. Hundreds of passionate fans stream Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay to thousands of viewers every day. Now, Rockstar is partnering with Twitch and bringing some unique rewards to those fans who like watching just as much as they like playing.

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Twitch Prime, the streaming platform's premium subscription service, often runs promotions together with notable game publishers to bring subscribers various in-game rewards. If you're a Twitch Prime subscriber and play Red Dead Online, or its sibling Grand Theft Auto Online, you can earn free in-game currency and more by linking your Twitch Prime account with your Rockstar Social Club account.

Get Red Dead Online Bonuses With Twitch Prime

If you link the accounts before the 19th of July, you'll automatically become eligible for the first wave of bonuses. In Red Dead Online, this constitutes RDO$300 as well as a Superior Ammo Bundle, containing 30 Dynamite Arrows, 60 Incendiary Buckshot Ammo, 30 Volatile Fire Bottles and 200 Express Ammo for the Pistol, Revolver, Repeater & Rifle weapons. In GTA Online, you'll get GTA$1,250,000.

The bonuses don't end with a one-time gift, however. Players whose accounts are linked will gain access to a rotating selection of weekly in-game discounts that aren't offered to players who don't link up their profiles. Additionally, all items in-game that would be discounted anyway as part of weekly events will have larger discounts to the tune of 10%.

Get Red Dead Online Bonuses With Twitch Prime

Rotating discounts also apply to microtransactions. If you link your Twitch Prime account, you can expect to see up to 15% discounts or bonus value on all Gold and Shark Card purchases, getting you more bang for your buck. In order to become eligible, you'll need to have completed the tutorials of the respective games and played at least an additional 30 minutes beyond that - but we don't imagine that should be a problem for anyone.

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