New Emote, Clothing Hits Red Dead Online

Another week, another infusion of new fashion options in Red Dead Online. The new items are also joined by a fresh emote, as well as a slew of bonuses and discounts to celebrate the upcoming 4th of July - after all, who better knows how to celebrate freedom than frontiersmen?

What could possibly be more American than something related to firearms? Rockstar thought the same when they decided to frontline their July 4th celebrations with a free gun oil bonus. Players can use Gun Oil to maintain weapons, and repair degradation in the moving parts. Additionally, all weapon components are 30% off, allowing you to exercise your right to bear arms with a lower budget.

Additionally, the Evans Rifle is 25% off, so grab this fantastic gun while it's cheap. All red, white and blue Camp Flags are free this week, and patriotic players can buy red, white and blue Bandanas for their characters at half price through the 8th of July.

This week players can also earn big with Free Roam missions. Through the 8th of July, all Free Roam missions pay out 30% more RDO$ and XP than usual. A selection of new Free Roam missions were just added recently, so if you already know your way around the old missions now is a great time to try out the new ones.

The new clothing options available in the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue include both limited and permanent items. The Pelt Half Chaps are all about keeping you warm in the cold of the mountains and are available only for a limited time alongside a re-run of the Griffith Chaps. Permanent additions include the Cromwell Hat and the Cabrera Pants.

You can also grab the game's newest emote for free if you're quick on your toes. The new "Respectful Bow" emote is free just this week, after which you'll need to pay if you want it.

Aron Gerencser
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