New Free Roam Missions Added To Red Dead Online

It's been a week since the major Red Dead Online update which ended the beta phase was released.

While that update added a wealth of new content, it came with a few quirks of its own - though the dead horse glitch has been fixed since. Today's update expands on the groundwork laid last week, bringing new free roam missions from characters you'll recognize, among other things.

The main addition in this update is the pair of new free roam mission initiators in Red Dead Online.

Both characters that players have encountered in Red Dead Redemption 2, while playing as Arthur Morgan, they provide the multiplayer mode with more narrative content. Black Belle, a legendary gunslinger resides Lemoyne, while Sadie & Jake Adler live in their Ranch in Ambarino. Both are ready to provide Red Dead Online characters with new tasks.

Continuing the timed exclusive content that occasionally appears on PlayStation 4 30 days prior to Xbox One, two new items and a pair of showdown modes are available today. The Ancient Tomahawk is a traditional Native weapon, and stars in one of the new modes, Make It Count: Ancient Tomahawk Mode. The other new game mode is Last Stand, which is a typical no respawn FFA deathmatch. Finally, PS4 players can purchase the Perlino Andalusian Horse.

The game has received an infusion of new clothing items, three of which are permanent additions. These are the Wescott Skirt, Valdez Vest and Citadel Boots, while the Plaid Cap is a limited issue item that will soon disappear from the in-game store.

Rockstar is also keen on motivating players to take a dive into the new content available in Red Dead Online. All missions and activities pay out 25% more gold and RDO$ this week, and all players who join a posse for any period of time during this week will be eligible for a free bonus of five Gold Bars.

Also included are fixes to some of the bugs that were introduced in the previous update. We mentioned the dead horse bug above, but issues related to item duplication exploits and Player Status features have also been resolved. We've yet to hear about a fix for the crashing issue though.

Aron Gerencser
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