WildRP Is Already Getting Ready For Red Dead Online Roleplay On PC

With Red Dead Redemption 2 available on PC, and it being clear that despite early doubts, modding is absolutely possible, it is inevitable that roleplaying will soon arise as a major subculture among players. We know that the geniuses behind FiveM are already working on RedM - and another group is already prepared to leap right into the RP the moment it becomes available.

Wildrp Is Already Getting Ready For Red Dead Online Roleplay On Pc

WildRP is the world's first RedM based Red Dead Online multiplayer server - so much so that it predates RedM. Technically not an actual server yet, interested players can already sign up to be a part of WildRP the moment it goes live. The fans managing the server have already set up their website, started applications and launched a Discord server for all members.

Wildrp Is Already Getting Ready For Red Dead Online Roleplay On Pc

The team is also on the lookout for staff members and developers who can help the project come to fruition and run as smoothly as possible. If you only want to have fun without the responsibilities of a staff member, you can simply sign up as a player too. WildRP is also accepting donations to fund their efforts.

Rockstar themselves have begun to push official Red Dead Online content in the direction of roleplaying with their relatively recent Frontier Pursuits DLC, which introduced the Trader, Collector and Bounty Hunter roles with the promise of more to come. However, vanilla Red Dead Online simply isn't designed to be a full roleplay experience.

Wildrp Is Already Getting Ready For Red Dead Online Roleplay On Pc

RedM and WildRP will be offering complete RP opportunities, custom jobs and character development choices. The team has already laid the ground rules of the server ensuring it remains an open-minded and accessible community, thanks to rules banning hateful behavior, homophobia, transphobia and other displays of bigotry.

WildRP is an english-speaking server and all players need to be over the age of 18 to play. The group is also planning on having a noticeable online presence, as their code of conduct includes the prohibition of any activity that violates the Twitch terms of service, indicating an intent to often stream events that occur within the server.

You can sign up for WildRP here.

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