Red Dead Online Moonshiners - First New Role Announced

Rockstar Games has announced the first new additional Role to be added to Red Dead Online since the original three launched with the Frontier Pursuits DLC not long ago. Soon, players will be able to take on the role of Moonshiners, running your own illegal bootlegging operation in the Wild West.

Being an outlaw is the quintessential Western trope, the most common power fantasy related to the setting. However, there are many other key players in the frontier community. Frontier Pursuits already covered Bounty Hunters, Collectors, and Traders, but Moonshiners fills a specific hole in the world of Red Dead Online.

What is a western without saloons, without bar fights, without batwing doors two nameless cowboys can throw open to theatrically walk out onto the main street for a duel? Moonshiners introduces the fourth role to Red Dead Online, offering players a chance to start their own brewery business if they have already progressed far enough on the Trader path.

If you have reached Rank 5 as a Trader, Cripps will take you to meet up with Maggie Fike, and old and experienced bootlegger operating out of Emerald Ranch. Here, you can take your first steps on the path of the Moonshiner. You start out with a seedy Shack that's made to look like a regular homestead from the outside, where you can brew your black-market beverages in peace.

As you rank up and make headway along the Moonshiner progression, you'll eventually be able to open up your own speakeasy, where your proprietary booze will be on tap. However, there is more to the Moonshiner role than simply running a business of dubious legality. Rockstar is working on a series of story missions, where you help Maggie take revenge on rival bootleggers while eliminating your own competition.

Throughout the course of these missions, you'll learn more about operating the Moonshining business, staying on top of the market, and you'll collect a wide array of new recipes that will let you expand and gain experience. As you upgrade your own bar you'll be able to decorate it to your heart's content, choosing from a number of styles and even adding a dance floor and band for patrons to enjoy.

Rockstar is planning a lot of new content for Red Dead Online to be released during the holiday season and Moonshiners is just the tip of the iceberg. New items, weapons, and an increase in outfit slots are among the many things yet to come. Moonshiners will be launched on the 13th of December, so keep an eye out for more news until then!

Aron Gerencser
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