Grab A Free Treasure Map In Red Dead Online This Week

Rockstar Games announced next week's major Red Dead Online DLC yesterday, bringing an all-new Frontier Pursuit to the game - but they're not neglecting this week either. While we're not getting any new goodies, Rockstar is handing out a few gifts and some limited issue items are appearing in the store again.

The in-game store, curated by Wheeler, Rawson & Co., has a rotating stock of clothing items that are always only available for a limited time, before being replaced by another collection. Now, many of the limited clothes that came and went throughout Red Dead Online's first year are making a short comeback. If you missed out on items like the Eberhart Coat or the Carver Pants, now is the time to pick them up.

The Catalogue will also soon phase out the Covington Hat and the multi-colored Patterened Bandana variants, which will be replaced by new, seasonal items. This likely means that Red Dead Online will get into the festive mood with thematic clothing items.

Collectors can pick up the remains of what was likely a legendary gambling addiction by finding the Ace of Swords, Gran Corazon Madeira and 1,800 Gold Dollars which comprise the Gambler's Choice Collection. Once you have all three pieces, sell it off to Madam Nazar for a reward. If you want some action, try out the Free Aim: Make It Count series, featured this week.

Rockstar is trying to encourage more players to team up and play together with an additional incentive to set up your own Posses. Posse Leaders will get a free treasure map this week, which can lead you to untold riches. Additionally, every Free Roam Event, Free Roam Mission, Bounty Mission, Trader Resupply Mission, A Land of Opportunities Mission, Showdown Mode or Race rewards you with +40% XP this week, letting you climb those ranks much faster.

To further motivate players to band together, the registration price of persistent posses has been halved, while Race Horses and Horse Tack are 30% off. Appearance changes, Gunbelts and Weapon Metals are also 30% off. If you want even greater discounts, and a free Bounty Hunter license, link your Social Club account with a Twitch Prime membership.

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Aron Gerencser
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