Carbine Repeater

The Carbine Repeater is a versatile and popular weapon that appears in Red Dead Redemption 2. It also appears with an inverted name, the Repeater Carbine, in Red Dead Redemption. The weapon makes no official appearance in Red Dead Revolver.

Carbine Repeater

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The Carbine Repeater belongs to the Repeater weapon class. A short-barreled, repeating rifle, it's a reliable weapon, but not particularly powerful. Described as a reliable repeating weapon, the Carbine Repeater sports a solid firing rate and a fast reload speed thanks to the tube-loaded magazine. Instead of being specialized, it is ideally suited to a number of different situations, and can be effective during hunting and in combat.

It can utilize Regular, High Velocity, Split Point, Express and Explosive repeater ammo. It has Moderate Power, Range and Rate of Fire with High Reload Speed and Accuracy. It has an ammo capacity of 7, and you can carry a maximum of 300 rounds for it.

The base price of the Carbine Repeater is $90, however Arthur Morgan acquires it for free at the beginning of the "Old Friends" mission from Dutch. In Red Dead Online, it is available from all gunsmiths.


  • The Carbine Repeater is based upon a real weapon, the Spencer Model 1865 Carbine. The weapon is one of the improved variations from the Model 1860 Carbine, which was used during the Civil War in the first half of the 1860s. The Spencer Model 1865 weapon was produced in two different models, one directly by Spencer and the second under license by Ambrose Burnside, who is also known for the design of the Burnside Carabine, another American Civil War weapon. The Spencer model comes with a shorter "20 barrel in .50 Caliber as well as a Stabler magazine cut-off device that allows the weapon to be used as a single shot rifle when fully loaded.
  • It is the most common longarm used by NPCs and gang members.

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