Cattleman Revolver

The Cattleman Revolver is a weapon that appears in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Redemption. It also appears in some capacity in Red Dead Revolver as the Revolver weapon and its variants.

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The Cattleman Revolver belongs to the Revolver weapon class. A staple weapon of the American Wild West, the Cattleman Revolver is one of the most common weapons seen in Old West themed media. The weapon was so affordable that it continued to be widely used even after more advanced revolvers had been produced.

As a common weapon, the Cattleman Revolver is a reliable yet not particularly powerful weapon, sporting decent damage, accuracy and fire-rate. Like the real weapon upon which is based, the Cattleman Revolver can hold six shots. This weapon is a good choice for general use and has well balanced stats, making it a decent all-round weapon.

The Cattleman Revolver has Moderate Power, Range and Reload Speed, High Rate of Fire and Accuracy, a maximum ammo capacity of 150 and costs $50. As the starting weapon in both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, the price only applies to the second model you purchase in case you have unlocked dual wielding.


  • The Cattleman Revolver is based upon a real weapon, the Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army Revolver. One of the most representative, if not the most representative, weapons of the Old West, the Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army Revolver, also known as the Single Action Army, Peacemaker, and M1873, was designed in 1872 and used as the standard service pistol for the US Army until 1892.
  • Despite having been offered in various calibers and barrel lengths, the Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army Revolver's appearance has remained the same ever since its initial 1873 model. The weapon's design has also been highly influential in the production of other revolvers throughout the years.
  • Players can unlock a unique Hero's Pearl Grip for the Cattleman Revolver if their Honor rank is +4 or above.

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