Chapter 5 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury is the fourth story mission in Chapter 5 and the 60th mission in all of the story mode. The mission begins automatically after completing both A Kind and Benevolent Despot and Savagery Unleashed missions.

With the help of the members of the Van der Linde gang, the Guarma rebels have caused a lot of trouble for Colonel Fussar and the dictator has had enough of them. For this reason, he will mount a massive attack on Cinco Torres right when Arthur and Dutch are discussing a way off the island with Hercule.


To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it with at least 70% accuracy. As enemies are going to be far from you most of the times, make sure to use Dead Eye as much as possible.

Right after the beginning of the assault, you will have to take care of the enemies coming from the beach to the south of your position. After a short while, Hercule will ask you for help in getting the cannon into position. More enemies will be coming on the beach, so you must head down to prevent them.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must prevent 4 boats from reaching the shore. Make sure to not waste Dead Eye while fighting enemies from the battlements, as you need it to kill all the enemies in at least four boats. The first ones will be coming from the west, while the remaining ones from the east. It's very difficult to prevent all boats from landing while keeping accuracy high, so just avoid four from doing so to clear the Gold Medal requirement and then deal with the enemies as they get closer.

After taking care of all the boats, you will regroup with Dutch and Hercule. The rebel leader will inform you that the cannon must be used to deal with the warship, as Cinco Torres won't stand for long under the heavy fire. Follow him around until you reach the cannon at the top of the building.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must destroy the Naval ship without missing a single shot. This isn't particularly difficult to do, just make sure to aim a little above the ship to compensate for the drop. Continue shooting, and reloading as needed, and the warship will eventually be destroyed. At this point, the mission will be complete.

Paradise Mercifully Departed

Paradise Mercifully Departed is the fifth story mission in Chapter 5 and the 61st mission in the Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode. This mission starts automatically after completing the Hell Hath No Fury mission.

Hercule's plan to let Arthur, Dutch, and the other outlaws escape from Guarma is ready to go, only that Colonel Fussar has no intention of letting them off easily. He has captured the captain of the ship and set up guns to fire on the outlaws if they try to escape. As staying on Guarma is not an option, Arthur has to set out to release the captain and destroy the artillery.

At the beginning of the mission, Hercule will lead you to where guns have been mounted. Sneak behind the two guards and kill them silently together with Micah to clear the first requirement for this mission's Gold Medal. After this has been done, plant the explosives on the first gun and watch it getting blown sky high.

Having made so much noise, stealth is no longer possible, so it's time to pull your weapons out and start killing enemies. To get the Gold Medal, you must get 25 headshots, which is not too difficult to do, as there are a lot of enemies in this mission.

Follow the indications given by your companions to complete the following sequences. Always make sure to kill snipers as soon as possible, since they can deal a lot of damage. Once Micah is done with the second gun, Dutch and Arthur will start heading to the captain's location to release him. Continue killing enemies with headshots, and use Dead Eye as necessary: there is no accuracy requirement for the Gold Medal, but it can be difficult to get headshots due to the poor night visibility.

Once inside the building, you will be assaulted by a man hiding behind the door. Dutch will prevent him from killing Arthur, but everything will result in a standstill. At this point, Fussar will make his appearance and it seems like things are not going to be easy. As soon as you can control Arthur again, look to the right and left and then at the captain, who will point out a gun. Kick it and the captain will take care of the enemies for you.

After the captain has been released it's time to get on the ship. To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must escort the captain to the boat within 1 minute and 45 seconds. Always make sure to kill enemies as quickly as possible, as the captain will not move until all in the vicinity have been killed. After a short while, Fussar will start shooting at you from the last artillery gun: head to the left, man the cannon and shoot him down with a single shot.

After Fussar has been killed, Arthur and this fellow gang members will finally be able to leave Guarma. Mission complete.

Dear Uncle Tacitus

Dear Uncle Tacitus is the sixth story mission in Chapter 5 and the 62nd mission in the story mode. This mission begins automatically after completing the previous mission, Paradise Mercifully Departed.

The ship will drop Arthur, Dutch, and the others at the Van Horn Trading Post, to the north of the previous camp. The members of the Van der Linde gang need to rendezvous with the others who were left behind and so they must head back to Shady Belle.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it within 8 minutes. This time limit isn't particularly strict, so you should have no trouble clearing it, but you still need to be as quick as possible, since you have to cover some distance on horseback.

As soon as you can control Arthur again, get on the marked horse and follow the waypoint to Shady Belle. Here, you will find that the rest of the gang has left the camp, but not without leaving a hint indicating the location of the next camp. Pick up the letter addressed to Uncle and read it to learn that the rest of the gang has gone to Lakay in Lemoyne.

Right after you are done reading the letter, a Pinkerton patrol will arrive. You can kill them easily, but not only it will make you waste too much time, but you must also leave Shady Belle without being detected by them to get the Gold Medal. Just wait for the first Pinkerton to enter the house, sneak behind his back, get on your horse and ride to Lakay as hard as you can.

Once you arrive, search the yellow marked area it to find Pearson, Abigail, and Sadie, all safe and sound. Once you have regrouped with your companions, the mission will be complete.

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