Chapter 5 Missions And Gold Medals Guide

Fleeting Joy

Fleeting Joy is the seventh story mission in Chapter 5 and the 63rd mission in the story mode. The mission begins automatically after completing the Dead Uncle Tacitus mission.

Trouble is far from over for the Van der Linde gang, as the new hideout will be discovered by the Pinkertons, who are determined in finishing the job they started in Saint Denis. For this reason, you will be fighting a lot of them during this mission.


To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it without taking any health items. Dead Eye items are OK as long as they don't restore the Health bar and core. Since you will have to fight a lot of enemies, including a Gatling Gun, completing the mission without using tonics will be difficult if you are not careful and stay behind cover at all times.

Right after regaining control of Arthur, follow Sadie around until you reach one of the houses near the shore, enter the trapdoor and continue following her until you get to another house nearby. Get into position and watch for your Dead Eye to get activated automatically.

To get the Gold Medal for the mission, you must kill two Pinkertons during the Dead Eye ambush. This is very easy to achieve as there's a huge amount of enemies in the area. Just make sure you take advantage of the free Dead Eye to kill the man using the Gatling Gun and avoid getting damaged too much for the remainder of the mission. Once the free Dead Eye ends, use a Dead Eye tonic to restore the bar and activate it again to further reduce the number of enemies.

Once enough enemies have been killed, Arthur will be told to push to the north to deal with incoming enemies. There will be more reinforcements coming from all sides, so make sure to always move behind cover and use Dead Eye to kill as many enemies as possible. Don't focus on the shooting too much, as conserving health is the most important thing to do.

Once the final wave of reinforcements has been dealt with, it's time to truly strike back. Dutch will tell Arthur to man the Gatling Gun to finish the Pinkertons for good.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must get five headshots with the Gatling Gun and get at least 70% accuracy with it. This is more difficult than it sounds like since you will be forced to use the weapon very carefully. Take your time to aim to get your headshots and kill enemies, making sure to stop shooting at a target the moment it's been killed.

Reinforcements will be coming from all sides, and Sadie and Dutch will notify you of the direction the enemies are coming from. After the final wave has been cleared, the mission will be complete.

A Fork in the Road

A Fork in the Road is the eight story mission in Chapter 5 and the 64th mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode. The mission is unlocked after completing the A Fleeting Joy mission by heading into Saint Denis.

This mission is rather simple, as it's just a sequence of cutscenes that will play out when Arthur reaches Saint Denis following the end of the previous mission. Even though it's a very straightforward mission with no combat, there is still a Gold Medal to obtain.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it within 3 minutes and 5 seconds. For this reason, you must skip all cutscenes in the mission, so make a manual save before entering Saint Denis to complete the mission regularly and then replay it to get the Gold Medal.

After Arthur collapses on the street, a cutscene will play. Skip it and head to the doctor as soon as you regain control of the character. Once inside, speak with the receptionist, then head inside the office and sit down.

Another cutscene will play, Arthur is told that he has tuberculosis and that he doesn't have much longer to live: his reaction to the news that he is sick and dying will also be different, depending on your current honor rating. Skip this cutscene and then head out and walk away from the doctor. Arthur will hallucinate and have a vision of a deer if his Honor rating is good and of a wolf if the rating is bad.

After walking a short while, the waypoints will appear on the map again and the mission will be complete.

That’s Murfee Country

That’s Murfee Country is the ninth story mission in Chapter 5 and the 65th in the story mode. This mission becomes available right after completing the Fleeting Joy mission. To begin it, you must speak with Dutch at the hideout in Lakay.

The assault on Lakay by the Pinkertons made it clear that the gang has to move again. Dutch will send Arthur and Charles to scout an area beyond Butcher Creek, but the area is the territory of the Murfree Brood gang, as Charles warns you.

To get the Gold Medal for this mission, you must complete it without taking any health item, complete it with 85% accuracy and get 15 headshots. The Murfrees are pretty aggressive and love to get up close and personal, so you must be extra careful when dealing with them later on during the mission.

Follow Charles to the north for a bit until he asks you if you want to proceed by canoe or by horse. Choose to go by your horse, as going by canoe isn't any faster and you also won't have access to your saddlebags.

Following the auto-travel sequence, you will get close to a Murfree camp. Crouch and follow Charles until you are asked to kill one of the gang members: go for a headshot with a silent weapon like the bow or a throwing knife. Once the two men have been killed, continue following Charles until you reach a cave that would be perfect for the Van der Linde gang to use as a hideout.

At this point, Charles will ask you if you want to use dynamite to flush the Murfrees out or continue being stealthy. You must choose the second option for a few reasons: first, as already stated, the Murfree are aggressive and will rush you down with melee weapons that can kill you in a single hit; and second, there are a lot of enemies, and getting the headshots required for the Gold Medal can become difficult.

After you have chosen the stealthy approach, kill the enemy in the front of the cave and enter. Continue on and kill enemies as required. Eventually, you will be spotted and will have to fight the Murfrees head on. During this fight, always make sure to continue checking the mini-map, as the tunnels make it easy for enemies to flank you.

As for the best weapon, any shotgun is a very good choice here, as the Murfree love to rush straight at you. Once all of the enemies have been killed, continue on inside the cave to find a hostage. Use the defuse dialogue option and then open the cage.

To get the Gold Medal, you must deliver Meredith to her mother within 2 minutes. Skip the cutscene that plays after saving her and ride as hard as you can to Annesburg. Once you reach the marked area, skip the cutscene to complete the mission and clear the Gold Medal requirement.

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