Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Fish Locations Guide ("A Fisher of Fish")

Red Dead Redemption 2 features plenty of side-activities that benefit Arthur and the Van der Linde gang is more ways than one. Fishing is among them, as caught fish can be cooked and later eaten to grant Arthur various important improvements to his Health, Stamina and Dead Eye, depending on how the fish is cooked.

Legendary Fish Video Guide

Quest Initiation and General Tips.

The "A Fisher of Fish" Stranger mission can be initiated at any point after having completed Chapter 2. The mission begins when Arthur gets acquainted with accomplished fisher Jeremy Gill, who can be found in his cabin by the water to the south of the "R" in The Heartlands on the map.

Jeremy Gill is not just an accomplished fisher, but also a rather famous one, having written many books on fishing and having been featured in the New Hanover Gazette. After leaving Arthur unimpressed by his feats, Jeremy Gill asks Arthur to find 13 (yes, 13 out of the 14 total) Legendary fish scattered all over the world and mail them to him. To help Arthur on his quest, he also gives him a map with a general location of all the Legendary Fish..

While catching Legendary Fish is not all that different from regular fishing, there are some important differences. Regular lures will not work, so the Special Lake, River and Swamp lures are needed. They can be purchased for $10 each at the shop found near Lagras. All three lures are good for catching Legendary Fish, but using the correct one for the correct fish will increase the odds of the specific fish taking it. If you're playing in the Epilogue as John Marston then the price of the lures go up to $15. Buying each lure will also give you a handbill which will be stating the names of the Legendary Fish you can catch using that specific lure.

Legendary Fish can be tough to catch. To increase your chances, make sure to get the lure close to the area where fish can be seen underwater, reel slowly and press the R2 / RT button a couple times to attract them. It still takes some time to get the fish to take the lure, so be patient

Of all the 14 Legendary Fish, only 13 have to be mailed to complete "A Fisher of Fish" Stranger mission. Please note, however, that it's not possible to complete it before the Epilogue, as some of the fish are located in the southern part of the map.

The locations of the 14 Legendary Fish are covered from north to south, to make the mission a little less time-consuming.

Legendary Steelhead Trout

The Legendary Steelhead Trout can be found in the northeastern part of the map. The correct place to fish is to the northeast of Brandywine Drop, to the north of Roanoke Ridge. Launch your rod near the cluster of small islands and make sure to use the Special River Lure to increase your chances.

Legenday Perch

The Legendary Perch can be found in Elysian Pool, to the north of the second "E" in New Hanover on the map. Being a lake fish, using the Special Lake Lure increases the chance of the fish getting the lure.

Legendary Longnose Gar

The Legendary Longnose Gar lives in Lagras, to the south of Bluewater Marsh on the map. The fish can be caught from the southern shore of the swamp to the northwest of Lakay on the map. Being a fish living in a swamp, the Special Swamp Lure has to be used to increase your chances.

Legendary Muskie

This Legendary Fish is found near the Van Horn Trading Post. The location where chances are higher is to the south of the "R" in Trading on the map. Living in a river, the Special River Lure has to be used to increase the chances of catching the fish.

Legendary Bullhead Catfish

The Legendary Bullhead Catfish can be found near the Sisika Penitentiary on the eastern part of the map. The correct place is to the west of the penitentiary, on the northern shore of the island to the west. Being a river fish, the Special River Lure increases the chances of the fish taking the lure.

Legendary Lake Sturgeon

The Legendary Lake Sturgeon lives near Saint Denis. The correct place is right to the south of the middle of the southern train track leading to the west of the city. Despite being a Lake Sturgeon, this Legendary Fish is a river fish, so using a Special River Lure increases the chances of capturing it.

Legendary Bluegill

The Legendary Bluegill is found to the southwest of Rhodes. The best place to try catching it is right in the middle between Rhodes and Braithwaite Manor. Living in a lake, the lure to use to increase your chances of catching it is the Special Lake Lure.

Legendary Chain Pickerel

The Legendary Chain Pickerel can be found living in the Dakota River, to the northwest of Flatneck Station. The best place to try fishing it is right to the east of the "R" in River on the map. Being a river fish, the Special River Lure increases the chances of the fish taking the lure.

Legendary Sockeye Salmon

The Legendary Sockeye Salmon can be found in Lake Isabella. The lake is found to the west of the "A" in Ambarino on the map. The best location to try and catch the Legendary Fish is near the lake's southern shore. Being a lake fish, using the Special Lake Lure increases your chances of the fish appearing.

Legendary Smallmouth Bass

The Legendary Smallmouth Bass is found in Owanjila lake, to the West of Strawberry. The fish appears more often near the eastern shore of the lake. Living in a lake, using the Special Lake Lure increases the chances of the fish taking it.

Legendary Rock Bass

The Legendary Rock Bass lives in Aurora Basin, located to the west of Tall Trees on the map. The fish has higher chances of appearing in the middle of the basin. Use a Special Lake Lure to increase your chances of catching it.

Legendary Redfin Pickerel

The Legendary Redfin Pickerel can be in Stillwater Creek, to the east of MacFarlane's Ranch. The fish can be found by fishing near the western part of the creek. Living in a lake, the Special Lake Rule makes it easier to catch it.

Legendary Largemouth Bass

The Legendary Largemouth Bass is the final Legendary Fish to catch for 100% Completion. It can be found in the San Luis River, in the southern part of New Austin to the south of the map. The correct location is near the bend to the southeast of Lake Don Julio. Living in a river, using the Special River Lure increases the chances of catching it.

Legendary Channel Catfish

The Legendary Channel Catfish is the final Legendary Fish. To catch it, you need to go on a fishing trip with Jeremy Gill after the other 13 Legendary fish have been mailed. To receive the invitation, mail the 13 Legendary Fish to Jeremy and then wait for a few days. Go back to the post office and you will receive the invitation. It is located in the San Luis River south of Benedict Point, and is more active when the weather is overcast.

Bonus Fish - Legendary Northern Pike

The Legendary Northern Pike is most likely to be found in waters near to O'Creagh's Run. It is active during overcast weather, much like the regular northern pike. A Special Lake Lure is recommended when trying to catch this fish. Note, however, that the Legendary Northern Pike is not part of the 13 original Legendary Fish in the game. You can catch this fish only through a stranger mission called The Veteran.

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