"Poisonous Trail" Treasure Hunt Guide

The Old West wasn't all about robberies, dangerous gangs and untamed land. It was also about adventure, and nothing screams adventure like a good old fashioned treasure hunt.

"poisonous Trail" Treasure Hunt Guide

The Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt is likely one of the first Treasure Hunts you'll stumble upon, as the first map can be found while completing one of the parts of one of the first Stranger Missions available in Chapter 2. It's also quite rewarding as you will obtain 4 Gold Bars which can be sold for a huge amount of money to fences.

In case you have completed the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt already, you can get involved in the High Stakes Treasure Hunt, which is rewarding enough, but not as much the Poisonous Trail hunt, as you will only find 3 Gold Bars.

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Map 1

The first map of the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt is found during the Stranger Mission "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman". Specifically, the map can be collected after fighting Flaco Hernandez, one of the Gunslingers Arthur is asked to find.

This Stranger Mission is quite fun, and it also allows Arthur to pick up some unique weapons, so we suggest you complete it if you want to get even more involved in the Red Dead Redemption 2 world, or if you're looking for a not too time-consuming Stranger Mission to complete for 100% Completion.

The map can be found inside Flaco Hernandez's cabin. Opening it will reveal the location of the second map.

Map 2

The second map of the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt can be found on Face Rock, which is located to the West of Ringneck Creek, a little to the east of the gap between the "R" and "L" in Scarlett Meadows on the map.

The map is located inside a hollow tree which is not too difficult to spot once you are at the correct location.

Map 3

The third map of the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt can be found to the west of the Van Horn Trading Post.

The second map shows something looking like a snake, and it requires a bit of imagination from players to truly understand the hint. To find the third map, you have to get to a mound found on the top of a hill in the area.

The map is actually located beneath a few stones resembling snake eggs, thus the snake hint on the second map. The lengths one has to go for some treasure...

The Treasure

The third map of this Treasure Hunt will show the location of the actual treasure, which is not too far from the Van Horn Trading Post.

The treasure is found inside a cavern behind a waterfool close to the Elysian Pool, which is also the location of one of the game's Legendary Fishes. The cavern is complicated to navigate through, as it has a variety of different paths, not all leading to the treasure.

Cave Directions

Once inside the cavern, go up the first ledge, proceed ahead until going down the steep drop.

At this point, look for another steep path to the right. Proceed until you see a small triangular tunnel that requires crouching to get into.

Once out of the small tunnel, go to the right to get into a chamber, look left to see a ledge that can only be accessed by jumping.

Once up the ledge, you can find the 4 Gold Bars, which can be sold for $500 each to any of the fences found all over the world.

The Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt may be completely done, but you still need to get out of the cavern. You can do so easily by heading to the left at the previous fork in the path which led you to the chamber with the ledge and treasure. Or, you can just decide to kill yourself and get spawned outside the cavern.

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