Red Dead Redemption 2 Sharpshooter Challenge Guide

Get Seven Headshots in a Row

The seventh Sharpshooter challenge is among the most difficult to complete, as you must get seven headshots in a row. There are no restrictions on Dead Eye use, thankfully, so it's a little easier to complete, but it can lead to mistakes, since you may end up marking the wrong body part.

As a general rule, to get a clean headshot, you just need to flick the left stick up while aiming at an enemy with auto-aim activated. Since enemies move, however, you need to shoot as quickly as possible after the flicking motion.


As it can take some time to find seven different characters to kill outside of cities and town, we suggest heading over to any Gang Hideout. The Lemoyne Raiders hideout at Shady Belle is perfect for completing this challenge as well, as many enemies are guarding the area, and the surroundings are open enough to get some clean shots. Using Dead Eye and a sniper rifle will make completing the challenge easier.

The reward for completing the seventh Sharpshooter challenge is the Sharpshooter Off-Hand Holster, which grants a Health bonus once the full set has been obtained.

Disarm Three Enemies Without Reloading or Switching Your Weapon

This Sharpshooter challenge tests both your shooting skills and your knowledge of weapons, as you must disarm three different enemies without reloading or switching your weapon.

To complete this challenge without too many problems, you must use a weapon with a large clip, like the Lancaster Repeater, or any revolver or pistol, as they can hold enough ammo to complete the challenge without having to reload.

In order to disarm an enemy, you must force them to take their weapons out. This is best done during most story missions, but it can also be done by provoking lawman or heading to any gang hideout that has yet to be cleared, as they all feature plenty of armed enemies.

Once you have found your targets, it's time to disarm them. To do so, you only have to shoot at their hands, and you can do so with or without the help of Dead Eye.

Interestingly enough, completing the challenge without using Dead Eye is actually a little easier, since you don't have to disarm three enemies in a row, and you can take all the time you need. If you use Dead Eye, however, you will have to disarm the enemies with a single use, as you will reload once the Dead Eye bar is empty.

The reward for completing this challenge is $15. You will also receive 100 Dead Eye experience.

Shoot Three People's Hats Off in the Same Dead Eye Use

This challenge is all about shooting skills, as you must shoot three people's hats off in the same Dead Eye use. While not terribly difficult, this can be tricky if you don't know what you are doing.

Any weapon can be used to complete this challenge, but we suggest you avoid using weapons with a huge spread, like shotguns: if you kill your target while shooting the hat off, it will not count. Revolvers and pistols are the best weapons for this job, but repeaters and rifles are fine as well.

In order to be able to target three hats while using Dead Eye, you must have it upgraded to level 3, which happens automatically by playing through the story, as it allows manual marking of targets. Enhancing the Dead Eye bar to its maximum also helps, since you will get more time for a single Dead Eye use.

Once you have the correct Dead Eye level, you can attempt to complete this challenge during story missions or even in towns and cities, as regular NPCs count. If you shoot with any weapon in populated areas, however, the law will be coming after you, so be prepared to escape from angry lawmen.

To shoot people's hats off, you just need to target their hats while in Dead Eye: mark three different ones and then shoot. If you don't aim high enough above the characters' heads, you will end up performing a headshot, which will make the target not count, even if the hat is shot off.

The reward for completing this challenge is $20, alongside 150 Dead Eye experience.

Kill Three Flying Birds With Three Consecutive Long Scoped Rifle Shots

The tenth and final Sharpshooter challenge is not as difficult as one might expect, as its basically identical to the very first one, with added difficulty. To complete it, you must kill three flying birds with three consecutive shots from a long scoped rifle.

Just like for the first challenge, the best way to complete this one is by targeting slow birds, like the herons that can be found in the swamps near Saint Denis. They are usually found in the water, however, so you must first scare and make them take flight. Once they are in the air, activate Dead Eye aim with your rifle and shoot them down.

As the shots need to be consecutive, we suggest you use a scoped rifle that can shoot multiple times without reloading: the Rolling Block and Carcano rifles have very low fire rate stats, so upgrade the Bolt Action Rifle with a scope and use it to take down the three birds.

The reward for completing the tenth and final Sharpshooter challenge is the Sharpshooter Gun Belt, which grants a permanent Health bonus once all items belonging to the set have been acquired.

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