Red Dead Redemption 2 Sharpshooter Challenge Guide

Kill Five Flying Birds While on a Moving Train

Killing three flying birds was only the beginning, as you now must kill five flying birds while on a moving train. As there are no restrictions on Dead Eye use, this challenge is much easier than what it may seem at first glance. It can be a bit time-consuming, however, so be armed with patience.


There are different ways to board trains in Red Dead Redemption 2. The easiest one is to head into any station, purchase a ticket and board the train that will appear shortly after. Another way is to just wait for a train to come by close to any station, wait for it to depart again, follow it for a bit then jump on it from horseback. Make sure to be far from any town, city or settlement when boarding the train this way, as you may get reported to the law if any witness is around.

Once on the train, get on any open carriage and start looking for birds. This challenge is much easier with auto-aim on, as the game does a very good job in tracking birds within shooting range. Once you find one, activate Dead Eye and shoot it down. Just make sure that the train is moving, otherwise, the kill will be invalid.

After shooting, however, the law will start searching for you, so you will be forced to abandon your current train and get on another one to get the remaining kills. You can try your luck and stay for multiple kills on the same train, but if the law manages to get to you before you have to escape, you will also have to deal with them, something that will make you waste precious time.

The reward for completing this challenge is the Sharpshooter Holster. This item belongs to the Sharpshooter reinforced equipment set granting Health bonus once completed.

Kill an Enemy at Least 80 Feet Away With a Thrown Tomahawk

This Sharpshooter challenge is the first one of the category to truly challenge your skills, as you must kill an enemy at least 80 feet away by using any tomahawk.

Tomahawks cannot be purchased in regular shops. They are acquired by looting enemies once they are dead, or by purchasing them by fences. For this reason, you complete The Spines of America Chapter 2 story mission to unlock fences. The first fence that can be accessed is located in Emerald Ranch, but there are a few others found in Saint Denis and other locations.

Once you have obtained a few tomahawks, you must find a target. As the challenge explicitly says enemy, regular NPCs don't count, so you must head to an area where enemies are located, like Gang Hideouts. If you have cleared them out already, you can either search for random camps on the map or play a story mission, if you haven't seen the ending yet.

To make sure you are close to the 80 feet requirement, you need to be stealthy. Approach an enemy with a tomahawk equipped and wait for the reticle to turn red. Once it does, activate Dead Eye and throw it. In case the challenge is not completed, you can learn how close you got to your target in the Challenge menu, and make the required adjustments.

The reward for completing this challenge is $10. You will also obtain 50 Dead Eye experience.

Kill Six Animals Without Switching or Reloading Your Weapon

This challenge will test not only your shooting skills but also your weapon knowledge, as you must kill six animals without changing weapon nor reloading.

The best way to complete this challenge is to head over to any area with a lot of animals and use a weapon with a large clip, like the Lancaster Repeater. Any revolver will also do, but you will need to kill each animal with a single shot, which can be difficult.

As for the best location, you have a few different options. Deer usually run in herds, especially in open areas like the plains in New Hanover, but it can be difficult to find enough animals to kill in a short amount of time, as Arthur will put his weapon down a shortly after firing the last shot, which somehow counts as switching weapon. For this reason, any farm is the best location to complete this challenge.

Shooting in farms, however, may attract the attention of the law, so you need to find one that's far from any town or city. One of them is located to the southwest of Flatneck Station. Head over to any pen on the farm, locatd the required number of animals and take them down. Dead Eye helps in being accurate, but be very careful when marking to avoid tagging too many targets and end up reloading.

The reward for completing this challenge is $10. You will also receive 50 Dead Eye EXP.

Kill Someone at Least 660 Feet Away With a Long Scoped Rifle

This challenge definitely puts your shooting skills to the test, as you must kill someone at least 660 feet away with any scoped rifle.

Scoped rifles are either sniper rifles, which are obtained through story progression or by purchasing them by Gunsmiths, or regular rifles that have been upgraded with a scope. As you need to kill someone from a considerable distance, we suggest using a sniper rifle.

The challenge doesn't mention any enemy in its description, so it can also be completed by shooting a regular NPCs. Killing any character in a town or city, however, will alert the law, so we suggest you head over to any of the Gang Hideouts to complete it. The Lemoyne Raiders hideout in Shady Belle is the perfect location, as there are a lot of enemies guarding the place and the surroundings are free of any big obstacles that may obstruct your view.

Once you have found a suitable target, aim with your rifle: if the reticle is red, try moving back until it turns white, move forward a little to make the reticle turn red again and then shoot. If the challenge has not been completed, it means you need a rifle with better range.

The reward for completing this challenge is $15. You will also obtain 100 Dead Eye experience.

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