"The Widow of Willard’s Rest" Stranger Mission Guide

Stranger missions are optional side missions in the Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode that see Arthur help some colorful individuals with their troubles. The Widow of Willard’s Rest is another short and easy Stranger mission.

"the Widow Of Willard’s Rest" Stranger Mission Guide

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Quest Initiation

The 'Widow of Williard's Rest' stranger mission is only available after you have completed the "A Fork in the Road" main story mission in Chapter 6. This mission is done early in Chapter 6 and it is unmissable.

If you complete this stranger mission then you have a different interaction with John after the epilogue. Also, if you miss doing this mission with Arthur, you can still come back and do it as John during the epilogue.

To begin the first part of the mission, you must head to the north of Annesburg, the location will be marked on the map with a question mark.

Once at the marked location, Arthur will meet a woman sitting at a grave. The woman seems to be in a sorry state: she tells Arthur that she has recently lost her husband. She will refuse Arthur's offer of taking her to the nearest town, but she accepts to learn how to hunt to survive in the wild.

After Arthur and the widow are done talking, head to the south to the marked location. Arthur will let the widow, who's name is Charlotte, track the rabbit: in case she takes too long, use Eagle Eye to highlight the track. After this is done, kill the rabbit, let Charlotte skin it, and then accompany the woman home.

On the way back home, you will be attacked by two wolves: activate Dead Eye to kill them quickly. After this, continue heading toward Charlotte's home, who will thank Arthur for the help and invite him to visit her again.

Part II

Part II of the mission becomes available only a few days after the first part has been completed. Play the game normally to make time pass or set up camp near the house and sleep for a few days.

At the beginning of this part, Arthur will hear rifle shots from a distance. Charlotte is practicing firing with a rifle, but she isn't particularly good, as she cannot hit any of the bottles she has set up. Arthur will give her some advice, and she will start to see some improvement. During the shooting practice, a rat will appear, and Charlotte will ask Arthur to get rid of it.

Once the rat has been dealt with, and the shooting practicing is done, Charlotte will invite Arthur to eat something inside. Before long, however, Arthur will start feeling symptoms from his sickness, and he will collapse. He will later wake up in bed: Charlotte has taken care of him and left him some money and a letter where she thanks him for having shown her how to survive.

Part III

The third and final part of the mission becomes available a few days after the second part has been completed. Like for the second part, you can either play the game normally or set up camp and sleep for the needed amount of time to make time pass.

Once enough time has passed, head back to Charlotte's house. Here, she will thank Arthur once again and allow him to take anything he wants from her house. As this point, the mission will be complete. The reward for this Stranger Mission is $125.

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