Get Free Gold For Logging Into Red Dead Online This Weekend

Players logging into Red Dead Online over the course of this weekend stand to earn some free gold. This bonus is joined by improvements to Gun Rush matchmaking and other bug fixes, as Rockstar tweaks the beta for Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer mode.

Jan Update

Earning gold, Red Dead Online's premium currency, remains notoriously time-consuming even after Rockstar rebalanced the game's economy following a smaller controversy erupting around prices.

This week, players have a chance to earn a small bonus. All players who log into Red Dead Online between the 25th and 27th of January will get a bonus of 5 Gold Bars, delivered to the characters by the 29th.


If you take a look at our economy guide, you'll see that, in terms of buying power, 5 bars don't amount to too much. However, since it takes about two hours to grind out one gold bar, this little bonus saves you 10 hours of grinding, which makes it look a whole lot more enticing. You only need to log in, after all.

Additionally, changes based on player feedback have been implemented in the matchmaking system of Gun Rush. Gun Rush was the first post-launch Showdown Series mode added to Red Dead Online, and is a variation on Make It Count. Taking the same battle royale formula, Gun Rush adds actual guns into the mix. When the game mode was launched, the matchmaking system distributed players in a way that resulted in a lot of half-full lobbies and barely any full ones.


The game mode is most enjoyable when it has the most players, so this tweak is bound to improve the experience for everyone. With a maximum player count of 32, hopefully the new tweaks will allow it to shine. While the current matchmaking tweaks are temporary, Rockstar is already working on finalizing the lobby systems of the mode. These lessons learned will certainly make upcoming Showdown Series modes' launches smoother.

Rockstar has also clarified that most of the features detailed in their roadmap - meaning daily challenges with gold rewards, law and bounty improvements, proximity blips and tweaks to the parley system are coming in a new title update to be released in the coming months.

Aron Gerencser
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