"The Artist’s Way" Stranger Mission Guide

Stranger missions in the Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode are optional missions where some colorful character ask Arthur for help in completing a variety of tasks. The Artist’s Way is one of the Stranger missions available from Chapter 4 until the end of Chapter 6.

"the Artist’s Way" Stranger Mission Guide

Quest Initiation

The Artist’s Way mission becomes available right after completing The Joys of Civilization story mission early in Chapter 4. To begin the mission, you must talk with Charles Châtenay in the saloon located in the northern part of Saint Denis. The man, who is, officially, a painter, is extremely hilarious to talk with, and he will make it clear that he's been happy to have made Arthur's acquaintance.

Part II

To continue the mission, you must wait a few days after completing the first part. If you are in a hurry, you can simply leave Saint Denis, make camp and sleep for the required amount of time.

After a few days have passed, you can find Charles Châtenay in an alley in the center of Saint Denis. The French painter is being threatened by a man, who will leave Charles alone if Arthur intervenes. The man had a good reason for confronting the painter, but Charles seems to be unfazed, inviting Arthur to check out his work once the exhibition is ready to open its doors.

Part III

Once again, you will have to wait a few days before being able to continue the mission. Play the game regularly or sleep at camp to make time pass, and then get back to Saint Denis. The location of the exhibition will be marked on the map.

Reach the location, head up the stairs and head into the big room to check out Charles' paintings. However it seems as though his art is not being appreciated, as he has depicted some of the visitors and their families in scandalous ways.

A fight will ensue, and Arthur will have to settle things down with his fists. After everything has been taken care of, accompany Charles to a place where he can lay low for a few days.

Part IV

To start the fourth and final part of the mission, you must wait a few days. Like before, you can either play the game normally or skip a few days by resting at camp for the required amount of time.

It seems like Charles Châtenay is done with Saint Denis for good, as he has stirred way too much trouble for him to continue to live in the city. He is dressed as a woman to avoid getting recognized, and asks Arthur to bring him to the port.

Getting to the port is pretty simple, as Charles himself will take note of the men following him and suggest a different path. Once at the port, three individuals will recognize Charles and it will be up to Arthur to prevent them from getting to the painter. This fist-fight is pretty simple: always keep the block button pressed and then strike back once you have blocked a few attacks.

Once the three men have been knocked out, Charles will be able to board his ship and leave Saint Denis behind for good. Mission complete.

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