Torn Treasure Maps Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 features several different Treasure Hunts that will take players hunting for treasure with the help of maps.

At the end of these hunts you can find gold bars, which can be sold to any fence for a nice amount of money. Completing these hunts is not required at all to see any of the game's endings, but considering how important money is, especially early on during the game, it's easy to see how completing at least one of the hunts can make a big difference.

There is, however, one particular treasure hunt which is different from all of the others, as you will not find gold bars at the end of it, but a unique gun that, like all other unique weapons, cannot be upgraded nor customized.

Unlike other treasure hunts, such as the Poisonous Trail treasure hunt and the Jack Hall Gang treasure hunt, the Torn Maps hunt is not recommended for players who have just started the story, as one of the two maps is found in West Elizabeth in the southern part of the map.

The Van der Linde gang is wanted dead or alive in the region following the botched robbery in Blackwater, and it will be possible to explore the area safely only in the final parts of the game. You can still try to do so before then, but you will have a very hard time and the final reward is not all that worth it unless you're a completionist.

Video Guide

Map 1

The two maps of the Torn Treasure Map hunt are actually two halves of a single one. The first is found to the north of Annesburg, inside the house of a hermit who isn't fond of visitors. To reach the house, enter Annesburg from the south and proceed north on the main road until Manito Glade, which is marked on the map. You can also follow the train track from Annesburg to reach it easily.

Once you are at the hermit's house, he will make it clear that he doesn't want you there. As it's impossible to solve the matter peacefully, you need to kill the man to enter his house. The first half of the map can be found inside a drawer.

If you enjoy collecting weapons, you should also pick up the rare shotgun dropped by the dead hermit. Make sure to do it before leaving the area, as you will not have another chance.

Map 2

As already mentioned, the second half of the map is found in the West Elizabeth region, which can only be explored safely during the Epilogue. The precise location of the map is found to the northwest of Wallace Station, right to the north of the "W" in West Elizabeth on the map and a little to the south of the train track.

Like the hermit, the woman will not be happy to see you and she will release her dogs on you. Kill both the woman and the dogs to enter the house and collect the map, which can be found inside a drawer.


After finding the second part of the map, it's now possible to get to the treasure, which is also found in the southern part of the map, to the northwest of Armadillo and right to the north of the "S" in Cholla Springs on the map.

Once in the area, look for the entrance of the cave. Head inside to find Otis Miller's Revolver and six erotic photos, which are, apparently, part of the treasure.

The Otis Miller Revolver is basically a variant of the Schofield Revolver made of gold and ivory and adorned with engravings. Its damage is on the low side, 1.8 of 4, but it has more than decent fire rate, 2.8 of 4, reload speed, 2.8 of 4, and accuracy, 2.5 of 4. If you enjoy revolvers with style, you'll definitely like this weapon.

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