Le Tresor Des Morts Treasure Hunt Guide

RDR2's story mode features several treasure hunt quests where players are tasked with finding treasure with the help of maps.

Le Tresor Des Morts Treasure Hunt Guide

Among all of the treasure hunts in Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode, the Le Tresor Des Morts Treasure Hunt is one that can only be completed by select players, as it's available exclusively to those who have pre-ordered the digital version of the game or purchased the Special and Ultimate Editions. Unlike the other hunts, it's not possible to purchase the first map from fences, so you need to do things in the correct order, without any shortcuts.

If you can access this treasure hunt, however, we suggest you don't ignore it, as the rewards are extremely good, probably the best among all hunts in the game.

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Map 1

The first map of the Le Tresor Des Morts hunt is found in Limpany, an old and burned down settlement found in the Heartlands region, right to the north of Flatneck Station. If you're still in Chapter 2, you can reach Limpany easily from the Horseshoe Overlook camp.

Le Tresor Des Morts Treasure Hunt Guide

The whole settlement is in ruins, with the exception of two buildings that can still be entered: the Sheriff's Office, where you can find a strongbox with a Gold Bar inside, and the jailhouse. The latter is where you need to go to get the map. Check out the two dead prisoners, the map is near one of them.

Map 2

The first map is not particularly clear if you haven't reached Chapter 4 yet, as it depicts an underground area that can be accessed from the docks in Saint Denis.

Le Tresor Des Morts Treasure Hunt Guide

Once you reach the docks located to the southwest of the city, you need to look for the Cornwall Freight Station, which is the biggest structure you will see in the area. Here, locate a set of stairs that will let you head downwards. Proceed on by keeping the wall to the right until you reach a gate leading underground.

Proceed further until you reach a single crate that marks the location of the second map.

The new map is not a real map, as it features a rhyme and a very small ketch. The rhyme mentions dead staying dry, which hints at the cemetery. The one in Saint Denis is located to the north of the city.

Le Tresor Des Morts Treasure Hunt Guide

Once in the cemetery, reach the building with the big dome at the center and look for another building to the west with a stained glass window. Inside it, you will find a hole with the treasure chest, which contains six Gold Bars. If you sell them all to any fence you will receive $3,000, which is a lot of money for very little effort.

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