Frontier Pursuits Events Grant Bonuses In Red Dead Online

Rockstar is catering to the Bounty Hunters, Traders, Collectors and Moonshiners of the frontier this week, with a number of bonuses aimed at Frontier Pursuits content. If you have begun your progress with a role or multiple roles, you can take part in events with special rewards. There are also additional bonuses too, so everyone can join the fun.

Traders, Collectors and Bounty Hunters can get an additional 25% Role XP when playing Role related Free Roam events this week. These events are available to all players who have reached Rank 4 in the required Role. The list includes Day of Reckoning, Manhunt, Trade Route, Condor Egg and Salvage.

There is also a chance to earn a one-time bonus of 2,000 Role XP for all four Roles. As a Bounty Hunter, you need to complete a Legendary Bounty, complete a Trader Sell mission as a Trader, complete any Moonshiners Story Mission as a Moonshiner or collect the Gold Panners Dream Weekly Collection as a Collector. The latter consists of the Ojeda Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet, 1797 Gold Eagle and Gold Pocket Watch. Collect these and sell them to Madam Nazar to receive your reward.

Completing these tasks will get you two 1,000 Role XP rewards that you can redeem in your Offers & Rewards menu. If you want a piece of non-Role related action, there's always this week's featured Free-Aim Series. Last Stand is up this week, so get ready for a bit of free for all play.

All Rifles in Red Dead Online are on a 30% discount this week, so arm up. PlayStation Plus subscribers get a free gift, unlocking an exclusive colour scheme for the Leavitt Jacket for them. Additionally, since all the emphasis this week is on Roles, diving into them has been made more accessible. Butcher Tables, Collector Bags and Bounty Hunter Licenses are all discounted by 5 Gold Bars - so don't miss out!

Aron Gerencser
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