Red Dead Online Content Arrives To Xbox One, PC and Stadia

Today Rockstar Games added a number of items and other content to both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. These items and content were previously exclusive to PS4 players only, but are now available across all platforms. Joining the "new" content are bonuses for all players too.

Red Dead Online Content Arrives To Xbox One, Pc And Stadia

Four clothing items and five emotes are making their way to Xbox One, PC and Stadia, including the Salizzo Double Bandolier, the Starrett Hat, the Rulfo Boots, the Gordillo Half-Chaps, the Hat Flick Emote, the Howl Emote, the Subtle Wave Emote, the Jovial Laugh Emote and the You vs Me Emote. Additionally, the Beaver Hollow Gang Hideout Mission, where players face off against the sadistic Murfree Brood, is also available on all platforms.

Red Dead Online Content Arrives To Xbox One, Pc And Stadia

If you want to upgrade your arsenal, you can do so at a better price this week thanks to weapon upgrade discounts. All barrels, sights, scopes and stocks are 30% off, as well as special ammo pamphlets. You can earn additional discounts by reaching certain ranks, provided you're lower currently of course.

All players who reach Rank 10 by the 27th of January will get a 30% discount on a weapon of their choosing. If you power through to Rank 20, you'll also get 30% off a Horse. To rank up faster, take advantage of the 50% XP bonuses on all A Land Of Opportunities Missions as well as Free Roam Missions.

Red Dead Online Content Arrives To Xbox One, Pc And Stadia

The Xbox One had some other content it needed to catch up on as well - namely the Photo Mode as well as some Story Mode bonuses previously available only on PC, PS4 and Stadia. These extras are now available on Microsoft's console as well.

Alongside the Photo Mode, a number of story mode missions, treasure maps, gang hideouts, weapons, horse breeds and trinkets previous not present on Xbox One are now available to all players. Red Dead Redemption 2 has currently achieved feature parity on all platforms it is available on - we wonder how long that will last!

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